Wednesday, 6 August 2014

hello ...

it suddenly dawned on me tonight. 
i miss blogging. 
six months have flown by without a single post here, 
and i’ve missed the interactions with all of you. 
so i’ve resolved to blog more regularly,
write more words,
share more photos. 

but in saying so, i’ve also decided to make this blog private
now that i also post publicly over on my website
i’d love to share more personally here.

so, over the few weeks,
i’ll make this blog private. 
if you’d like to still follow along,
{and i’d love you too!}
then please feel free to email me,
and i’ll add you to the readers.

looking forward to posting more soon!


Monday, 10 February 2014

hello and a brief update!


this blog has been neglected for far too long …
i'm so sorry for not posting!
many many things have happened over the last months.
good things, hard things, new things …
and i do hope to update and share them with you! 

but for now, the main thing, 
is that i've launched a photography website!
it's a whole new adventure,  and one i'm excited about. :)

feel free to come across and have a look …

Monday, 14 October 2013



i was so shocked when i logged into blogger  
and saw that I last posted in july … 
where has the time flown? 
i'm sorry for the lack of posts over
these past months but they have been full

full of good things, new experiences, 
travel, lots of study and growth. 
and in between it all, winter merged into glorious spring,
and with it, came the beautiful blossoms and sunshine. 

and with spring too, came
a long-awaited & thought-over purchase … 
a new camera and lenses. 
it. is. amazing. 
i am loving the greater benefits 
and advantages of this better technology
and this time of year is perfect 
for wandering around, snapping photos. 

that's probably where you'd find me 
if you came to see me …
and that's also why this blog has been
so neglected 
but maybe, hopefully, 
i'll be more consistent this month! 

how have you been?
  where would i find you, this time of year?

Monday, 29 July 2013

hello : hello : hello

i'm feeling a bit shy around here … it's been so long! 
where has all the time gone? 

 my days have been filled with 

study : home life : travel : nephews 
sickness : friends: photography 

and in-between it all

{here is a little photo journal of the last few months}

: we went out to a friends property recently and helped them plant 80 little 
she-oak trees - it was such an enjoyable afternoon! :

: two sisters and i were able to spend a week with these little nephews - 
and their parents - last month, it's always such a treat! :

: winter has been beautiful this year - sun, rain, mist and cold :

: this couple thrilled us all with the news of another little one on the way - 
maybe we'll welcome a niece this time?! :

: winter means fires, and we've been loving ours, and this one at our sister's home :

: even in the cold, picnics can be enjoyable - especially if there are hot mugs of tea : 

: winter also means baking - and especially warm pancakes :) :

: as winter draws to an end, i'm looking forward to spring and new fresh blossoms : 

have a lovely week friends! x

Saturday, 15 June 2013

seasons of life …

autumn has slipped away from us. the colourfully tinted leaves have floated from the trees, and the stark bare branches now stand still in the cold air of winter. autumn was beautiful this year. i'm not sure whether I noticed it more, or if it was just extra special, but these past few weeks of hazy warm days, golden sunlight and the riot of colour everywhere were breathtaking. i longed to hold it still, to soak it all in and to grab the wonderful light with both hands and keep it here. and for a while it seemed like our weather had forgotten all about winter … but just as quickly it remembered.

but there is beauty even now - the grey mornings with the mist bearing down over us for the beginning hours of the day… till it slips away and the pale, weak sunlight breaks through. there is the joy of warm, crackling fires which roar in the grate and fill the home with such wonderful heat. i love the delight in wearing tall boots, and rugging up in scarves and warm clothing. the thankfulness when the winter rains pour down - finally sweeping over the land which so needed it.

each season - each with its own wonders and beauty and differences. i've been dwelling on these times lately - the seasons of year, the seasons of the heart and mind and soul. sometimes it's hard to know exactly what season i'm in … sometimes the longing to step into another season is great. and yet, times do change - slowly, silently, sometimes without my knowledge, and just like that it's gone, and another has begun. i've been so conscious of it … and so thankful for this awareness. it's so easy, when moments arise, or thoughts crop up or things happen, to try and dissect and analyze them, but i'm learning, oh so slowly, to just trust, to enjoy this time, this season, to not wonder {or worry} about the next … because so often i can look back and wish i had enjoyed the times before. and i'm so blessed. blessed with so many things in my life i didn't expect or think would be here, but are. blessed with family. with health. with the ability to read. to think. to be still. blessed by the love the Lord so amazingly showers on me.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

one year blogging ... and instagram info

this month marks my one year blogging anniversary ... how fast that has flown!
i've really enjoyed this year of blogging and more consistent photo -taking
and also all the interactions with you lovely followers! :)
thank you for being part of this adventure with me!
as you know, lately i've been posting more random photos and written posts,
rather than following the photo challenges i begun with.
i've been continuing on with a few though, on my instagram feed,
and danielle suggested i blog about them here so you can know
what i'm doing, and also join in, if you'd like!
1. projectlife365 is the main daily challenge i follow -
each week they release the week's topics and you hash-tag your photo with
their projectlife tag as well as the topic tag. it's been a fun thing to
be part of, and there are some amazing photos that people take!
you can read more at their website here
{some of the photos i've posted for the projectlife topics}
2. 7vignettes is something i joined up for this month -
each new month, for seven days, you create a vignette, or collection
of objects for the topic which is chosen. two judges then select the best for each
day, and also the over all 7 best shots from one person. this is my first time
playing along, and it's been fun to try and arrange a vignette -
 and i'm still learning how! started by jen bishop, you can
read more at her blog here.
{my first vignette yesterday for day 1 - the topic was hanging)
3. fatmumslim is the original challenge that i started with - they still
come around each month, and you can join in any time.
more information can be found at her blog here.
there are also many individual hashtags that you can tag your
photos with - some are for weekly or daily competitions
or others just to be part of that community.
i've been thrilled to be featured a few times in some of
'nothing is ordinary''s features - you can find them @nothingisordinary
as with all things, please use your discretion!
there are many tags that you don't want to use or explore,
but if you're careful what you post and see, there can be
some lovely photos and feeds on instagram!

{some of my random instagram photos - you can find me @abbie_melle}
if you aren't on instagram, but would like to see my photos online,
you can see them if you click on the instagram feed on the right of this page :)

Saturday, 27 April 2013

life lately … in photos

: life lately has been full of colour, fun times and photos … :

: a few weeks ago bethany and i went on a photo shoot together … our two obliging sisters 
came along also and helped with some 'portrait' photos :) :

: we explored a recently opened arboretum - wandering around the still growing gardens 
and the more established pine forests - it was a lovely place! :

: i loved the softness of these delicate little flowers growing in the nursery :

: bethany and i :

: i recently tried styling a vignette for a photo competition on instagram …
i enjoyed arranging some vintage finds i've collected over the years - and adding some 
last flowers from the garden! :

: it's been so lovely to catch up with many friends through the holidays -
some passing by on their travels and others staying for a night :

: for many years now we've weekly driven past a large farm with a family of deer within one of their fields. 
we love trying to spot them each time we pass, and finally the other day, I actually pulled over and took 
some photos. i love deer - they are such amazing creatures! :

: we had our aunty and cousin come stay with us this week, and we had a lovely visit with them 
which also included a yummy morning tea at a local cafe :) :

: we attended our local Anzac Parade on Thursday - remembering our soldiers :
{and watching in horror as over 10 people {soldiers included!} fainted with the heat!}

: grace has travelled up to our sister's home this week, so it's only us four girls at home - 
it always seems different when even just one of the family is away! :

: this coming Monday i have wisdom tooth surgery happening {which i'm not looking forward too!} 
i'm glad though for this beautiful weather we've been enjoying lately - 
it will help with recovery i'm sure, if the sun is shining! :) :

: what are some things you've been enjoying lately? :