Saturday, 12 May 2012

day eleven: kitchen & day twelve: something that makes you happy

experimenting with the coffee machine in the holiday house :kitchen:

pretty table-settings make me happy, and...

people i love eating dinner, laughing and talking around the dinner table


  1. Beautiful photos! And very lovely house... who's is it?

  2. Oh Abbie, your blog is just delightful. The photos are wonderful.

  3. Looks like a beautiful holiday place!

  4. Hi Abbie, I found your blog through Danielle Carey's blog. I really like your blog and these are just lovely photos! I love candles and beautiful table settings...they make it so warm and homey. Beautiful house, too. Is it yours?

    Sarah (from)

    1. Hello Sarah! Nice to hear from you! Thanks for your comment - I've been having fun with this new blog! ;) The photos were taken at a holiday house we were staying at as a family - it was a lovely place! Kind Regards, Abbie

    2. That's lovely! It certainly does look and feel like a really pleasant place for a holiday with the family:) Best wishes with your blog:)
      God bless,


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