Monday, 7 May 2012

day seven: someone that inspires you

as a child, i loved looking through this book of photographs taken by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe. the real-life stories told through the photos spoke to me, and there was the fascination of seeing, for a moment, a glimpse into their very different Victorian World. living in England at the time, very near to Frank Sutcliffe's hometown of Whitby, and often seeing with my own eyes the places he photographed, gave me an even stronger connection to his work. 
now, as an adult, and loving photography myself, i admire and am inspired even more by his photographs. his candid, yet artistic photos are incredible in their detail and sharpness, and they never cease to amaze me. i encourage you to look at some of his collection of photos here.

Frank Meadow Sutcliffe : 1853-1941

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  1. I have just spent a good many minutes with my jaw dropped open, gawking at Frank's photos. It's like a peep through a window that shows you the world & humanity as it used to be, years and years ago. Just great.

    Thanks for sharing.


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