Friday, 11 May 2012

day ten: a favourite word

a belated quick photo of a :favourite word: in our household at the moment ;)
we're about to leave for a week's holiday away, and are very much looking forward to 
time spent together, and with extended family. 
due to poor signal, and uncertain internet connections where we're going,
you may not see any photos here for a while! I am hoping to
 continue the challenge each day though, and will do a catch-up post when I get back! 

i also wanted to thank you all for the lovely comments 
and words you've written to me on this blog - they have been 
so special to receive, and i appreciate each one! 


  1. Yay! We can't wait to see you there! Each day the boys ask, "when are we going on holidays?". Today it will be nice to say "just one more sleep."=)

  2. Hope you have a lovely time away, and we look forward to the lovely 'catch-up' photos on your return! :) Much love xo


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