Saturday, 30 June 2012

days twenty-nine and thirty

day 29: soft
a cuddle with a :soft: nephew is a great soother 

day 30: a friend
we had a visit today from lovely :friends: from church

and so another month has finished…
and another 30 days of photo topics! 
i've so enjoyed this month of dedicated 
photo taking, and have decided to 
continue with fatmumslim's list for july
i look forward to taking more 
photos, and sharing them with you! 

Thursday, 28 June 2012

days twenty-seven & twenty-eight

day 27: bathroom

day 28: on the shelf
hazelnuts roasting :on the shelf: of the griller

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

days twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six

day 24: on my mind
pondering on the verses of 1 Peter 2:4,5

day 25: something cute

day 26: where i shop
our main shopping street, at dusk

Saturday, 23 June 2012

days nineteen, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three…and bonus!

day 19: imperfect
the :imperfect: bricks lining the garden path

day 21: where i slept
two little nephews spent a couple of days with us this week :)
so i slept on a mattress in the study, with littlest nephew in 
the porta-cot, as my bed was being used by other nephew!

day 22: from a high angle
this photo was taken from a chair up in the corner of our dining 
room, looking down on the bookcases, and the family room 

day 23: movement
two little nephews running off some 
  energy with a game down their hallway :)

little malachi and i, enjoying each others company :)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

day twenty: a favourite photo i've taken

this latest :favourite photo: was taken last night, as my nephews met 
their brand-new baby brother. yes! i'm an aunty again, to the sweetest 
little boy - Malachi Timothy, and we're praising God for his safe arrival! 

if you wish to see more photos, you can do so here - at my sister's 
blog. for privacy most of their photos are privatized, but they allowed 
me to post this one as an :exception: cause, well, ain't it cute?! :)

and yes, i did realise i skipped a day … that photo is coming,
but i thought this :favourite photo: deserved a post of its own :)

Monday, 18 June 2012

days sixteen, seventeen, eighteen

day 16: out and about
saturday was wet, wet, wet, and the view i had of our main street
on a quick trip to shops, was hidden by raindrops and rainclouds

day 17: in my bag
sunday involved church and a visit to friends, and i came away from 
their place with a heavier bag, thanks to a book they lent me :)

day 18: something you {might} not know about me
do you realise just how much i love stone cottages and 
little attic windows? it's my dream to some day live in 
one, but till that :maybe: happens, ;) i have to be 
content just loving them from afar. the above photo 
was taken of one cute cottage here in our town. 

what's something i may not know about you? :)

Friday, 15 June 2012

days twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen

day 12: from a low angle
a :lowly: little violet growing in the garden

day 13: art
a piece of art drawn for me by my 3 year old nephew Joshua, - he told me it was 'rabbits' :)

day 14: time
the cooking :time: counting down on my phone, for a slice in the oven

day 15: yellow
our next door neighbours beautiful old lemon tree, with its :yellow: lemons

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

day eleven: door

over many years, many moves and many changes 
in my life, my oma's :door: has been always the same. 
since being carried in as a tiny baby of only a few
days old, i have spent many happy moments here,
including months when we lived with my oma, 
and days when we would visit. as a baby, 
then a child, as a teenager, and now, an adult, 
i always know that when i step through the door, 
i will be received warmly, gladly, lovingly, 
by my oma and i will be 'home'.

my oma and i {at 6 months} with her :door: behind  :)

Monday, 11 June 2012

days eight, nine, ten

day 8: six o'clock
late night shopping for the essentials before 
heading away for the weekend

day 9: your view today
the beautiful sky-line of Sydney seen
from the street my grandmother {Oma} lives in  

day 10: best bit of your weekend
heading up to sydney to successfully surprise my Oma - twice! -
{my mother surprising her by being there for a high tea outing, and 
the rest of us being at her house when she came home :) }
for her birthday, and having happy visits with her and other relatives :)

what was the best bit of your weekend? :)

Thursday, 7 June 2012

days five, six, seven

day 5: sign
the Queen's jubilee :sign: we hung up for the little house party
we had while watching the live-streamed thanksgiving service 
on tuesday night, for the Queen's 60 years reign 
- after all we are partly english! :)

bonus photo collage of our evening watching the service, 
parade, gun salute, and balcony appearance for the Queen's jubilee- 
it was such a fun, enjoyable evening!

day 6: hat
i'm cheating on this photo topic, and using a photo i took last 
weekend, of myself wearing a :hat: with good friend bethany
at the 1920's party we went too

day 7: drink
there's nothing quite like a :drink: of tea, when feeling off with 
a chest cold, especially when it's made for you by your mum

Monday, 4 June 2012

days two, three, four

day 2: empty
:empty: plates and chairs ready for dinner,
at a fun 1920's party my sister and i attended on saturday

day 3: on your plate
friends eagerly reaching for the piece of caramel slice :on my plate: ;)

day 4: close-up
our local town clock :close-up: to the evening sky

Friday, 1 June 2012

day thirty-one & day one of a new month!

day 31: something beautiful
in our cold, winter garden there are a lot of gray and bare branches.
 this still-flowering rose bush is a wonderful spot of :beauty:
and an equally wonderful reminder that spring will come again!

this photo is also the end of the photo challenge month
i have been participating in since may 1st. i have so 
enjoyed the incentive of picking up my camera and 
attempting to capture something of the topic for that day. 
the interaction with you people through this blog 
has been very enjoyable also! :) thank you for your 
comments - they are so nice to receive!

i am eager to begin another month of challenges - 
again using fatmumslim's challenge as the base, 
and look forward to sharing the photos with you!

june day 1: morning
it was cold here this morning, and little sister mercy came 
to my bed for a while before starting the day