Wednesday, 13 June 2012

day eleven: door

over many years, many moves and many changes 
in my life, my oma's :door: has been always the same. 
since being carried in as a tiny baby of only a few
days old, i have spent many happy moments here,
including months when we lived with my oma, 
and days when we would visit. as a baby, 
then a child, as a teenager, and now, an adult, 
i always know that when i step through the door, 
i will be received warmly, gladly, lovingly, 
by my oma and i will be 'home'.

my oma and i {at 6 months} with her :door: behind  :)


  1. Oh Abbie ~ what a beautiful photo of you and your Oma! And how special to have your Oma's door as a 'constant' throughout your life. Just lovely.
    Much love xo

  2. This is lovely, and so is the story! I know the feeling, we've moved so many times and grandparents have always been there, in the same house with the same decorations that you know so well, and it just makes their place feel 'right'. Now after all these years my grandparents are moving house, and it just feels so strange. They won't be where they've always been.
    I can see Reuben in you as a baby!

  3. Lovely lovely lovely! xx

  4. I was quite touched by your lovely comments as you looked back over your life and years. Clever you! Thank you…and it is always a pleasure to have you! And nice to see the photo of us two.
    Love, your Oma


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