Friday, 1 June 2012

day thirty-one & day one of a new month!

day 31: something beautiful
in our cold, winter garden there are a lot of gray and bare branches.
 this still-flowering rose bush is a wonderful spot of :beauty:
and an equally wonderful reminder that spring will come again!

this photo is also the end of the photo challenge month
i have been participating in since may 1st. i have so 
enjoyed the incentive of picking up my camera and 
attempting to capture something of the topic for that day. 
the interaction with you people through this blog 
has been very enjoyable also! :) thank you for your 
comments - they are so nice to receive!

i am eager to begin another month of challenges - 
again using fatmumslim's challenge as the base, 
and look forward to sharing the photos with you!

june day 1: morning
it was cold here this morning, and little sister mercy came 
to my bed for a while before starting the day 

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