Wednesday, 20 June 2012

day twenty: a favourite photo i've taken

this latest :favourite photo: was taken last night, as my nephews met 
their brand-new baby brother. yes! i'm an aunty again, to the sweetest 
little boy - Malachi Timothy, and we're praising God for his safe arrival! 

if you wish to see more photos, you can do so here - at my sister's 
blog. for privacy most of their photos are privatized, but they allowed 
me to post this one as an :exception: cause, well, ain't it cute?! :)

and yes, i did realise i skipped a day … that photo is coming,
but i thought this :favourite photo: deserved a post of its own :)


  1. This is just GORGEOUS!! I love the look of wonder on the boys' faces and the gentle care they are showing to their new baby brother. You captured such a precious moment here :)

    And Congratulations on becoming an aunty again! We are all rejoicing with you on Malachi's safe arrival and look forward to meeting him! :)

    Sending much love,
    Morgan xx

  2. Hi Abbie,

    Congratulations to you on becoming an Aunty for the sixth time! Another little nephew to have lots of cuddles with!

    God bless you!

  3. Best, beautiful photo!! Such a cute clan!

  4. Congratulations on your 6th nephew, Aunty Abbie! xx

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations Aunty Abbie! :)

  6. Just gorgeous Abbie! Congrats to all the family. xxx

  7. Congratulations Abbie; it must be so exciting having another little nephew to love! And the photo is SO sweet too!!!! :)

  8. :Thank You: to all of you for the lovely comments you left me for this post! It was so nice to receive them, and read your congratulations! I'm loving being an aunty to :another: nephew - Malachi is the cutest little boy! :) x x

  9. I know this is delayed but I wanted to add my congratulations to the list. I've enjoyed a hold and he's very sweet.


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