Thursday, 7 June 2012

days five, six, seven

day 5: sign
the Queen's jubilee :sign: we hung up for the little house party
we had while watching the live-streamed thanksgiving service 
on tuesday night, for the Queen's 60 years reign 
- after all we are partly english! :)

bonus photo collage of our evening watching the service, 
parade, gun salute, and balcony appearance for the Queen's jubilee- 
it was such a fun, enjoyable evening!

day 6: hat
i'm cheating on this photo topic, and using a photo i took last 
weekend, of myself wearing a :hat: with good friend bethany
at the 1920's party we went too

day 7: drink
there's nothing quite like a :drink: of tea, when feeling off with 
a chest cold, especially when it's made for you by your mum


  1. The photos of your time celebrating the Queen's jubilee looked great. Looks like much fun! And...Tea is THE best! I'm looking forward to having a cup of tea very soon! :-) xo

  2. What fun! Those jubilee decorations look great.

    You totally suit the 20s look :) And that hat is gorgeous!

    Mmm. I'm drinking a lot more tea now it's cooling down. Lovely photos!

  3. Lovely photos, Abbie:) that must have been a lovely Jubilee party...lovely decorations, too. I stayed up late that weekend to watch the celebrations, too (the Thames River Pageant, the lighting of the beacon, the thanksgiving service, the Parade, and the balcony appearance). All quite amazing and nothing like it:)

  4. *Sigh* ~ anything English is a good excuse for a party! ;) And your costumes looked just beautiful! Hope you're feeling better too :) Lots of love from us all xo

  5. You looked stunning at that 1920's party! You could help or be a 'stand-in' for a Agatha Christie Movie!


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