Monday, 18 June 2012

days sixteen, seventeen, eighteen

day 16: out and about
saturday was wet, wet, wet, and the view i had of our main street
on a quick trip to shops, was hidden by raindrops and rainclouds

day 17: in my bag
sunday involved church and a visit to friends, and i came away from 
their place with a heavier bag, thanks to a book they lent me :)

day 18: something you {might} not know about me
do you realise just how much i love stone cottages and 
little attic windows? it's my dream to some day live in 
one, but till that :maybe: happens, ;) i have to be 
content just loving them from afar. the above photo 
was taken of one cute cottage here in our town. 

what's something i may not know about you? :)


  1. Lovely post ~ as usual ~ Abbie! Here here to the stone cottages :). Something you don't know about me? I like to put my toast in the freezer ~ I like cold toast! (Please tell me other people do that too!) xo

    1. You :really: like cold toast so much you put it in the freezer?! Hehe! That's something I :didn't: know about you! :) You should see how much most of us :dislike: cold toast! ;) x x

  2. Hey! Yes, don’t worry other people do like cold toast. I used to. As a child that is of course; I’ve grown out of it now. Lols!

  3. Beautiful pictures! You are talented with that camera of yours :)

  4. What a nice looking cottage. Just one question…is this the taste of an English lass? :)

  5. How did you guess Oma? :) I'm sure my love of stone cottages :was: helped by seeing so many beautiful ones in England!


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