Friday, 15 June 2012

days twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen

day 12: from a low angle
a :lowly: little violet growing in the garden

day 13: art
a piece of art drawn for me by my 3 year old nephew Joshua, - he told me it was 'rabbits' :)

day 14: time
the cooking :time: counting down on my phone, for a slice in the oven

day 15: yellow
our next door neighbours beautiful old lemon tree, with its :yellow: lemons


  1. I wish I had a neighbour with a lemon tree like that!!

    Beautiful photos x

    1. Thanks Hannah! We :are: so blessed with having lovely neighbours who give us lots of their lemons! We're amazed actually at how the tree, though so old, always has fresh, juicy lemons - all year long! x

  2. Both Kate and I have been really enjoying your post! God has given you such a beautiful talent!
    Your photos are gorgeous!!
    Love Emily and Kate M.

    1. Hi Emily and Kate! It was lovely to hear from you both! :) Thanks for your comment - I've been enjoying taking photos of different topics through this challenge, and I'm glad you enjoy looking at them. :) Love to you both! x

  3. Lovely lemon tree, Abbie. They surely brighten up your yard.
    I also like your little nephew's artwork:) I like the artwork of this age...quite creative and...well...interesting:).
    God bless,


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