Monday, 4 June 2012

days two, three, four

day 2: empty
:empty: plates and chairs ready for dinner,
at a fun 1920's party my sister and i attended on saturday

day 3: on your plate
friends eagerly reaching for the piece of caramel slice :on my plate: ;)

day 4: close-up
our local town clock :close-up: to the evening sky


  1. Abbie, that it truly scary. And I think, by the second picture, you should re-evaluate some of your friendships. :)

    1. That photo makes me smile everytime I see it. :) As to the friendship evaluation - you girls are all so beautiful! (and were such good sports to pose for me! :)

  2. Great photos...but I especially love the photo of the girls all reaching for the caramel slice! However did you manage to divide it, by the 9 of them?! ;)

  3. Wonderful photos... again! It's so lovely seeing glimpses of your life in your pictures!

  4. Lovely photos again, Abbie. I really like the one with all your friends reaching out for the plate, lol:) I love the table setting, too:)



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