Tuesday, 31 July 2012

days twenty-four to end of July

a very big {thank you!} to all of you who voted on the 
poll and especially to those of you who left a comment on the last 
post! it's been so good to read and see where you would like this 
blog to go and i'm glad you're still enjoying it! :) as this post ends 
{july} i have decided, based on the poll results and also my 
preference ;) to continue to follow the fatmumslim challenge 
for {august} and also to add some more bonus photos as i go. 
so to thank you for helping me out, i've already started, with a 
bonus collage of photos at the end of this post. :)

have a happy august! :)

day 24: a stranger
this was one challenge where i did not feel comfortable taking the photo! :)
how awkward does it make you feel trying to take a photo of a complete stranger?!
i finally spied these very obliging strangers who were admiring a window display
in our local jewellery store, who afforded me with a :stranger: photo :)

day 25: heart

day 26: sunshine

day 27: on the road
this iphone photo was taken :on the road: as my parents, two sisters 
and i traveled to our cousin's wedding. though not the greatest quality,
i included this photo because it makes me smile, and really sums up 
beth's cheery, beautiful personality! :) 

day 28: cup
this photo was not taken on this date, but a few days later.
little sister is holding a warm cup of soup during a day of
great fun tobogganing at the snow with friends :)

day 29: last thing i bought
a pretty vintage milk jug {a bargain op-shop find!} 
and some new earrings :)

day 30: calm
snowfields are so :calming: and beautiful! 

day 31: toothbrush
i nearly skipped this topic out of sheer disgust - who 
wants to see a photo of a :toothbrush:?! but my family told 
me i had to complete the challenge so here it is :)

a few photos from the lovely afternoon celebration of my cousin's
wedding - it was such a pretty location with a reception filled 
with beautiful flowers, elegant table settings, a fun lolly bar, 
catch-ups with relatives & of course, the bride & groom! 

Friday, 27 July 2012

your opinion please! :)

~ update : the poll is now working! ~
please vote! :) 

i've been enjoying taking photos following the photo a day prompts 
for almost 3 months now! i've been wondering lately though, with july
coming to a close and august just around the corner, what i should do. 
the challenges have been great, but i'm wondering whether it may be 
getting a bit repetitious for you all, and whether i should continue 
with another month of them or not. so i've put a poll on the side and 
would love for you to fill it out! you can chose for me to either 
continue how i've been going, or stop the challenges and make this 
more of a photography blog, or do a mixture of both, or shut 
this blog down completely. i'd love to hear what you think! :)

it's been wonderful to receive your comments over the last few 
months - they really make my day! :)

have a lovely weekend and i look forward to seeing what you think!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

days seventeen to twenty-three

day 17: my addiction
old books & fresh flowers

day 18: plate
a dried flower glass :plate: bought by parents on their honeymoon

day 19: animal/insect/pet
jarah, a good :work-dog: and friend to our friend Jesse

day 20: eyes

day 21: 9 o'clock
this wasn't taken technically at :9am: as right at that moment my friend Morgan and I were 
starting a photography course in the city of sydney. this photo was taken (with Morgan's camera)
after it was finished, looking back to the hotel where the class was held - it's just over my right shoulder! 

day 22: upside down
an :upside down: fire poker, hanging from a friend's fireplace

day 23: mirror
a :mirror: reflection over the water

Monday, 16 July 2012

days twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen

day 12: texture
the :texture: on a beautiful quilted runner in my room

day 13: open
happy :open: mouthed smiles from little sister :)

day 14: building
the :castle: birthday cake for little sister's party with friends

day 15: finger
newest nephew's tiny finger gripping Oma's tightly

day 16: sign
the :sign: on the birthday cake for nephew's birthday today! 

Thursday, 12 July 2012

days eight, nine, ten, eleven

day 8: lunch

day 9: big
:big: smiles :big decorations :big: gifts …
youngest sister's 10th birthday was a lovely celebration! 

day 10: my favourite colour
how can you choose :one favourite colour:? ;)

day 11: letter
a handwritten :letter: from a friend is always special

Saturday, 7 July 2012

days four, five, six, seven

day 4: fun
little nephew having :fun: in the sun, on his trike

day 5: on the floor
table and chair legs :on the floor: at a local cafe my mum and i went to with friends

day 6: chair 
a :chair: reclining on the deck of a local home

day 7: garden
bare winter tree branches in my sister's :garden:

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

days one, two, three

day 1: self-portrait
sunday was a special family day with little malachi's baptism,  
and many people over at our place. so, instead of one :self-portait: 
i took many…with different little friends & family…hence the large collage :)

day 2: busy
monday was very busy with numerous family members over, six small 
nephews, meal times, play-times, rest-times, bath-times, chat-times…and when 
busyness is all around, it's sometimes hard to take a photo of it! but i did snap this 
picture of a quiet busyness, as little sister and oldest nephew had a :busy: 
fun time creating 'stone-hedge' replicas with jenga bricks. :) 

day 3: best part of my day
tea, candles, a roaring fire, chocolate :), and cosy chats 
with dear friends was the :best part of my day: on tuesday :)