Thursday, 12 July 2012

days eight, nine, ten, eleven

day 8: lunch

day 9: big
:big: smiles :big decorations :big: gifts …
youngest sister's 10th birthday was a lovely celebration! 

day 10: my favourite colour
how can you choose :one favourite colour:? ;)

day 11: letter
a handwritten :letter: from a friend is always special


  1. Lovely photos as usual Abbie!! I love the little collage you did of the birthday celebrations - I adore the stringed lights, too! I hope she had a lovely day :)

    Thank you for letting us sneak a peek into what you've been up to through your blog! ;) Hope you're all well,

    Much love, Amelia xx

  2. These are all great photos! You captured that sandwich from an awesome angle! Mercy looks so happy in her birthday pic! I hope she had a great day and that she enjoys tomorrow immensely! :) xx

  3. Lovely photos as usual! Happy belated birthday to Mercy :)

  4. Great photos, Abbie:) Love your your sister's joyful smile:) Happy belated birthday to her!
    God bless,


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