Wednesday, 4 July 2012

days one, two, three

day 1: self-portrait
sunday was a special family day with little malachi's baptism,  
and many people over at our place. so, instead of one :self-portait: 
i took many…with different little friends & family…hence the large collage :)

day 2: busy
monday was very busy with numerous family members over, six small 
nephews, meal times, play-times, rest-times, bath-times, chat-times…and when 
busyness is all around, it's sometimes hard to take a photo of it! but i did snap this 
picture of a quiet busyness, as little sister and oldest nephew had a :busy: 
fun time creating 'stone-hedge' replicas with jenga bricks. :) 

day 3: best part of my day
tea, candles, a roaring fire, chocolate :), and cosy chats 
with dear friends was the :best part of my day: on tuesday :)


  1. Lovely photos. I can almost feel the warmth and peace radiating from the last one! x

  2. Lovely photos, Abbie:) And happy congratulations for Malachi's baptism! This is always a blessed occasion.
    God bless,


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