Wednesday, 25 July 2012

days seventeen to twenty-three

day 17: my addiction
old books & fresh flowers

day 18: plate
a dried flower glass :plate: bought by parents on their honeymoon

day 19: animal/insect/pet
jarah, a good :work-dog: and friend to our friend Jesse

day 20: eyes

day 21: 9 o'clock
this wasn't taken technically at :9am: as right at that moment my friend Morgan and I were 
starting a photography course in the city of sydney. this photo was taken (with Morgan's camera)
after it was finished, looking back to the hotel where the class was held - it's just over my right shoulder! 

day 22: upside down
an :upside down: fire poker, hanging from a friend's fireplace

day 23: mirror
a :mirror: reflection over the water


  1. Lovely! I was looking forward to your next photo instalment, and was not disappointed! :)

  2. I was waiting expectantly too! The photos are wonderful yet again!

  3. I saw the eyes and was like, whoever that is looks just like Morgan! And then scrolled down to the next pic and felt very proud of myself ;)


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