Monday, 27 August 2012

a favorite photo right now

malachi and i, enjoying a quiet moment together
taken by my sister grace & permission given to post it by beth & joel

{hoping to update the photo-a-day pictures real soon!}

Friday, 17 August 2012

days seven through to sixteen

i'm sorry this post has been so long in coming!
life has been full & busy and photo taking
and blog posting has had to take a back seat.
but i'm finally posting now, and do hope to
continue to update when i can! :)

day 7: eight o'clock
our pussy trying to warm up outside on a cold winter morning at 8 o'clock

day 8: glasses

day 9: messy
i must confess that i love ribbons ... but they do tend to get messed up quite
easily. these are my ribbon jars, which i must tidy up real soon ;)

day 10: ring
my mother's ring

day 11: purple
little purple flowers on the dining table

day 12: spoons
my grandmother's dutch small spoons

day 13: simple
simple joys in the form of spring flowers in my sister's hair,
(taken with an iphone and originally posted on instagram: find me @ abbie_melle )

day 14: arrow
an arrow pointing the way to a specially set dinner for us and my sister's family

day 15: ready
a basket ready with lunch for a picnic

day 16: food
a yummy homemade egg and bacon turkish roll

Monday, 6 August 2012

days two, three, four, five & six

day 2: one
the first bud open on a friend's almond tree

day 3: coin
old coins and my great-grandmother's old coin purse

day 4: somewhere i sat
with friends at another friend's fancy dress party
(and no, in case you're wondering, i didn't go in a costume…just in 'fancy' clothes ;)
{photo taken by my sister sophie}

day 5: logo
a favorite logo on a favorite bag

day 6: writing
catching up in my journal, and writing to-do lists in my diary for this week.
people to phone, letters to write, places to go, things to do…thankfully i 
found a forgotten stash of m&m's to help me get through it all! :)

what things have you got planned for this week? 

Thursday, 2 August 2012

august day one

day 1: outside
it's cold and calm :outside: my bedroom window early in the 
morning - a good excuse to stay :indoors: while taking the photo! 

after showing these photos to my family, there were 
different opinions to which one i should use. so i decided 
to post both and ask you which one you like better? :)