Thursday, 2 August 2012

august day one

day 1: outside
it's cold and calm :outside: my bedroom window early in the 
morning - a good excuse to stay :indoors: while taking the photo! 

after showing these photos to my family, there were 
different opinions to which one i should use. so i decided 
to post both and ask you which one you like better? :) 


  1. They are both lovely but I especially like the first one!

  2. They are beautiful photos and it is really hard to pick the better one. The first one has lovely tints of colour but the second is so winter like and since August is winter I guess maybe the second one? :)

  3. I like the second one best, but they are both beautiful!!! :)

  4. Both are very beautiful photos, Abbie:) that in Australia? If so, where? Looks more like the Australian or Victorian Alps...

    1. Thanks Sarah! Yes, we're in NSW Australia - but no where near the Alps! :) x

  5. I particularly like the first photo, but those little buds in pic two say that spring is approaching! Yay! :)

  6. Thanks for all your replies and thoughts on the photos peoples! - it was fun to hear what you thought! :)


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