Monday, 6 August 2012

days two, three, four, five & six

day 2: one
the first bud open on a friend's almond tree

day 3: coin
old coins and my great-grandmother's old coin purse

day 4: somewhere i sat
with friends at another friend's fancy dress party
(and no, in case you're wondering, i didn't go in a costume…just in 'fancy' clothes ;)
{photo taken by my sister sophie}

day 5: logo
a favorite logo on a favorite bag

day 6: writing
catching up in my journal, and writing to-do lists in my diary for this week.
people to phone, letters to write, places to go, things to do…thankfully i 
found a forgotten stash of m&m's to help me get through it all! :)

what things have you got planned for this week? 


  1. Does it take you ages to set up your photos? They are always so well composed and pretty!

    This week is looking fairly normal... work etc... but with the happy addition of a couple of evenings spent with friends :) x

    1. It :does: take a while sometimes to set up a photo - it really depends on how easy or hard the topic is! The blossom and coin photo was a quick shot, the writing one took a bit longer to get a good angle etc. But it's fun! I'm still enjoying the challenge! :You: should start it up in September also! :)

  2. I don't think I had ever seen an almond blossom. Beautiful! I see why the Cath Kidston bag would be a favourite--very nice.
    We are having a fairly quiet week this week. So far enjoying the beautiful weather, spending time outdoors and catching up on washing. :)

  3. Just beautiful, as always! I love to see your take on the photo challenge prompts. The almond blossom would make a lovely card!

    I've had a fairly quiet-ish day today after a normal busy Monday & Tuesday. Enjoyed a lovely drive to my flute lesson and saw so many pretty spring flowers in blossom! Tomorrow is set for a big day of teaching in the city (just filling in for a lady for 2 days), but I'm looking forward to spending the evening with friends! (including the lovely Meaghan:)

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! xx

  4. What a great idea! I love your photo challenge. :)
    The picture of the almond blossom is gorgeous!


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