Wednesday, 26 September 2012

catch-ups and bonuses :)

a catch up! yes, it's been a while but here i am :)
not all the topics i took photos for these last few weeks,
but i thought i would update with the ones i did, and also
throw in some bonus photos of life here right now. :)
hope you enjoy! 

day 4: in my mailbox
paper work for my licence renewal 

day 5: bright 
:bright: smiles from a belgium couple we met during our travels

day 7: natural
it's only :natural: that weeds creep into the garden … right?! 

day 8: at night
:at night: it's nice to sit in cosy corners and read books :)

day 9: something you do most weekends
no explanation needed :)

day 12: together
alright yes, i am cheating here - for starters this wasn't taken by me but the talented 
morgan h, and also this wasn't taken on day 12. but i thought it was a cute photo, and
so added it here. mum & galen and mercy & i, sitting :together: :)

day 14: favourite 
my younger sister's :favourite: spot - at the swing on our block of land

day 19: underneath
bluebells :underneath: sliver birch trees

day 21: sometimes
:sometimes: my nephew is a brave fireman ;)

day 22: up
bubbles blowing :up: and away

bonus # 1
last weekend we attended the first of three birthday parties this month. 
andrea turned 30, and we celebrated the occasion with an evening party
at their home, complete with fire brazers, cake, friends and fun. :)

bonus # 2 
six sisters & two german friends joined us this week for three days of fun! 
one highlight was wandering around floriade together - enjoying the 
sunshine, admiring all the flowers and taking many photos :)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

:five things:

 quite a while ago now, andrea tagged me in this memethe idea 
is to share five things you're excited about or looking 
forward too. andrea asked if i could do it through five 
photos and here i am, in no particular order, giving it a go. :)

i'm excited about: 
: new growth : new beginnings : new seasons :

i'm very much looking forward to:
 a visit with these dear girls next week!

i'm loving the idea of:
: 3 friends : 3 birthdays : 3 parties in the next month :

i'm thrilled about:
another new nephew … or niece! :) arriving next year

i'm actually eager for:
: summer days : barefoot walks : long, light evenings :

: what are some things you're excited about right now? :

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

it's me : finally!

ok. so. i officially failed at completing the august photo a day challenge. 
liked failed big time. there are over 15 days to catch up on, and frankly, 
i don't think i can complete it, or actually want to complete it. 
so i've decided not to. i'm sorry!! 

this past month has been extra busy, extra crazy. i've travelled 
to sydney for a weekend, started a part time, home based job,
been out many days and some nights, tried to keep on top of other
commitments at home, day to day living, visits with friends and
distance family and haven't spent as much time with writing, and
reading and photography as i would have liked. 

but i do want to start with september, and have already snapped 
a few photos for the days past, and will post them below.
i also thought i would post above a quote i read just now
on pinterest, and which resonated right now with my life ;)

day 1 : me now
an iphone photo taken by my mum, of my sisters beth & grace and two little
nephews & :me, now: - rugged up against the cold at a spectacular firework display 

day 2: father
 a sneaky photo taken of my camera shy :dad: without his notice ;)

day 3: far away
the spring which i thought was so :far away: has crept up on me unnoticed this year!