Tuesday, 18 September 2012

:five things:

 quite a while ago now, andrea tagged me in this memethe idea 
is to share five things you're excited about or looking 
forward too. andrea asked if i could do it through five 
photos and here i am, in no particular order, giving it a go. :)

i'm excited about: 
: new growth : new beginnings : new seasons :

i'm very much looking forward to:
 a visit with these dear girls next week!

i'm loving the idea of:
: 3 friends : 3 birthdays : 3 parties in the next month :

i'm thrilled about:
another new nephew … or niece! :) arriving next year

i'm actually eager for:
: summer days : barefoot walks : long, light evenings :

: what are some things you're excited about right now? :


  1. What lovely things to be excited about - especially the new niece or nephew! xo

  2. Absolutely gorgeous pictures Abbie!!

    I'm excited about my first baby arriving next year!

    Is Jemima expecting again?!

    1. Thanks Hannah - it's so exciting about your little one too! Yes, Jemima is expecting number four. :)

  3. Thanks for doing this, I love your photo version :)


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