Tuesday, 4 September 2012

it's me : finally!

ok. so. i officially failed at completing the august photo a day challenge. 
liked failed big time. there are over 15 days to catch up on, and frankly, 
i don't think i can complete it, or actually want to complete it. 
so i've decided not to. i'm sorry!! 

this past month has been extra busy, extra crazy. i've travelled 
to sydney for a weekend, started a part time, home based job,
been out many days and some nights, tried to keep on top of other
commitments at home, day to day living, visits with friends and
distance family and haven't spent as much time with writing, and
reading and photography as i would have liked. 

but i do want to start with september, and have already snapped 
a few photos for the days past, and will post them below.
i also thought i would post above a quote i read just now
on pinterest, and which resonated right now with my life ;)

day 1 : me now
an iphone photo taken by my mum, of my sisters beth & grace and two little
nephews & :me, now: - rugged up against the cold at a spectacular firework display 

day 2: father
 a sneaky photo taken of my camera shy :dad: without his notice ;)

day 3: far away
the spring which i thought was so :far away: has crept up on me unnoticed this year! 


  1. Lovely! And I really like that quote you found on Pinterest.

    I also like that you just decided to let the August photos go when it got a bit too much. It's so hard to maintain a balance, but ultimately creative projects are meant to add to our lives, not take away from them, so sometimes we just have to let things slide.

    1. Thanks for your comment Danielle and also for understanding about the lack of photos! It was lovely to hear from you x x

  2. The last photo is so pretty! And I LOVE the quote!! Can I borrow it? :) :)

    1. Thanks Esther! And you're most welcome to borrow the quote - that's what I did! ;)

  3. Love your posts Abbie - photos are great as usual. Want to hear more abut how you went in Sydney & this new part time job - exciting!!

    1. I'm hoping to write you an email very soon Jemima! Thanks for your comment! :)

  4. Nice to 'hear' from you! And lovely pictures. Yes, do tell more about your job!

    1. Nice to hear from you too Hannah! I've been meaning to send very excited congratulations your way - so thrilled for you both on hearing your happy news! :)
      The job I'm working with is actually as a Tupperware demonstrator - combining my love of cooking & working in the kitchen with selling of good quality products. It means I can control how much or how little time I spend doing it and still have opportunities to help out & volunteer as I have been doing. Right now it's been pretty busy but I'm getting the hang of it and then it should quieten down. :)
      Hope you're both well! x x


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