Wednesday, 24 October 2012

catch-up post :)

days 10 to 24 have been fun, special, lovely & busy! birthday parties, road trips, baby-sitting, 
catching up with friends…many photos were taken but not a lot were part of the 
challenge topics ;) so instead of posting just the few i took, i thought i would make 
this a catch-up, bonus photo post. :) hope you don't mind! 

: eric's 18th :
eric's party was a happy time, complete with a magnificent cake shaped as a 
helicopter landing pad, with the candles blown out by a remote controlled helicopter :)

:road - trip!:
grace and i were heading up to our sister & her family to stay the week, and beth and her 
boys decided to join the fun and come too! they stayed for three days, and we managed to fill them with 
many laughs, a lot of fun, much head-counting of the 6 cousins {under 5yrs!}, water-play {it was so hot!}, 
and only one trip to ER. ;) our sister Jemima at the last moment joined her husband on a business trip, so 
though we missed catching up with her, the boys enjoyed the catch-up and we girls enjoyed it also. the 
photo above is the early morning car trip, and the photos below show some the fun activities we did.

boys will be boys and playing together is so much fun - especially when it involves 
playing soldiers. ;) sadly one little man was injured in the battle, and though it wasn't 
a major wound, a trip to the hospital was in order to check all was fine. thankfully 
after a clean and bandage he was able to come home - proudly sporting his scars, 
and falling asleep rather quickly for his mid-day nap. ;)

beth went home with her boys and grace on the thursday, and i stayed on till the saturday.
since i really only had friday with jemima and bede, after they arrived home, i didn't 
actually take any photos of them sadly! next time …

on the morning i left, jemima whipped up her special breakfast of pancakes, berries 
and cream. i was greeted by the nephews with fuzzy morning hair and bright happy grins. 
the top photo makes me smile each time i see it. :)

: emily's 18th :
after a coach ride, i met up with the rest of the family and we went to celebrate emily's birthday. 
it was a lovely afternoon/evening with a cute red & white gingham theme, fun and games, speeches
and cake, catching up with, and meeting new friends, and a group 'girls' photo on the hay-bales. :)

on our way on the sunday, we dropped by and visited old friends - catching up after a number 
of years, admiring their beautiful garden and roses, and exploring the areas we used to play
around as children - 10-12 years ago. it was a lovely trip down memory lane! 


  1. Lovely post!

    You and Grace look particularly beautiful in the photo of the 2 of you :)

  2. Ooh - you know the Messners! How I wish we could have gone to the party too... the photos look lovely and I'm sure the party was a lot of fun! :) And your photos are really amazing!

    Alice x

    1. It's a small world isn't it?! :) It :was: a lovely afternoon and it's a shame you weren't able to make it down - though understandable with the distance you would have had to travel! Thank you for your comment! x

  3. LOVE the photos! ^_^ Looks like so much fun! :D
    Love from Em.

  4. Woo, I love your shots of Eric's party! I find it really hard getting photos in that light :/
    You and Grace are beautiful. xo

    1. Thanks Rachael! I find it hard taking photos with night lighting too - it helps having an external flash though! ;)


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