Monday, 1 October 2012

it's october!

day 1: where i stood
on the picnic mats, at the local park with friends 

a new month looms ahead : and with it another month of topics.
i :hope: to be a bit more consistent this month than i was last but, well, 
who can tell?! looking ahead, from where i stand now {ahem, pun 
intended ;)} this month is already filling up :  a week away to my sister & 
her family, preparations for an extended family reunion weekend, two 
birthday parties, work, a possible early morning photography class, 
volunteering opportunities, nephews to babysit, friends to see, letters 
to write & phone calls to make. life is full! but that also means photography 
to me, and i hope to be able to continue to share these days with you. 

and just because:
i'm loving spring, i thought i would share this photo of a
blossom tree i stood underneath today - isn't it just gorgeous?!

what do october days hold for you?


  1. Your day one photo turned out well. It was lovely to see you yesterday. I can't wait for more spring days and more photography courses and more time spent outdoors, and more springy things in general.

  2. I am just ADORING all the bloom trees everywhere! Esp the pink ones and the really 'droopy' ones :)

  3. Oh how i love Spring! :)
    I have been blessed by the stunning photos you have been posting! SOOO pretty!
    very much looking forward to seeing you and your family at the a certain birthday party :P

    God bless you richly

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Emily! :) We're very much looking forward to see :you: soon too! :) x x


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