Saturday, 17 November 2012

a quick hello ...

: mercy and dad enjoying a quiet moment reading together :

just dropping by to say a quick hello before a possible post-free few weeks. :)
we're heading off down the coast today, and we're very much looking forward 
to our time away! once we're back, i have two days at home before 
going to a week long photography course, so posting on here may be quiet 
for a while. i'm sure i'll have many photos to share once i arrive home! :) 

have a lovely weekend! 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

november days ...

it was a random, wholly unexpected sight on the trip home :
a small two seater plane dipping and diving and weaving across
the landscape right next to the road. we pulled over, standing 
by the side of the field as the plane raced down, swung under the 
power lines, skimmed the ground, and then powered back up 
in the air and swung around to do it again. so incredible!

as we stood watching, we noticed a camera-man filming it all, and as he 
moved around the field capturing the angles of the dives, we asked him what it 
was for. it turns out they were making a documentary film on airplanes and 
farm life, and this was one 'take'. it was such fun to be able to witness it!

the pilot seemed to be enjoying himself so much :)

i've been taking most days of this november challenge, but they've been mainly 
phone photos uploaded straight to instagram. i've pulled together a few here:
1: {day 3}breakfast - 2: {day 7} reflection
3: {day 8} something i do each day - 4: {13} where i slept

some quick random snaps of our november days
1: restful spots on a sick day 2: flower sorting at the sink
3: ready to head off for the reunion 4: reading & quietness

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

: our weekend :

last weekend we headed up to a big family reunion on my mother's side. though it was a cool, wet weekend we all enjoyed the 2 days together catching up with family and cousins we hadn't seen for a while, staying altogether in a conference centre in the mountains, and having fun with different activities and games. 

there were times to chat 

little boys to cuddle and play with

flowers to brighten up the tables

discussions with the men

many yummy meals mostly all prepared by our wonderful cousin caitlin, 
her husband steve, and my aunty wendy and uncle mark

an abseiling trip for some of the group - us others watched in 
fear as they literally threw themselves backwards off a cliff! ;)

cute mossy rocks and twigs

many happy smiles and grins 

and a massive group photo of all 43 of us.
we're so thankful to the Lord for these special family times!

we also enjoyed a visit with friends who lived nearby afterwards, 
and it was lovely to catch up with them all! 

: how did you spend your weekend? :

Thursday, 1 November 2012

'whatever you please' :)

day 31 of the october photo a day challenge was 'whatever you please' 
i've claimed that as my own, and decided that for me, that also included
the days in october i missed.. ;) so here below are some photos which 
weren't part of the challenge but were part of life lately

loving : loving : loving! : all the fresh flowers in the garden

watching a movie { october baby} with joel and beth :)

having photo shoots with little sister among the flowers  

fresh new blackberry and honeysuckle buds 

a fragile but beautiful wild poppy

discovering a new quirky cafe in town with friends

enjoying morning tea out for grace's birthday 

i love this quote! 

the beautiful birthday girl!

baby malachi enjoying the warm afternoon outside

special drinks for a birthday bbq dinner

enthusiastic nephews helping grace blow out her birthday candles :)

november is lining up busy. like really. really. busy.
after looking at the photo a day challenge outline, and seeing some topics i've 
already done, i thought i would say right off that i won't be strictly following 
it this month, but randomly posting the ones i do get around to taking, 
and also adding extra un-topic related photos :) and with some happy 
and exciting happenings - think big family get-togethers, a holiday to 
the coast, visits with friends, a week long photography course, friends 
engagement party, & much more! i'm sure there will be plenty of photo posts. :)

i hope you enjoy your november, and many thanks again for 
all the comments you leave - they really are delightful to receive! :)