Tuesday, 13 November 2012

november days ...

it was a random, wholly unexpected sight on the trip home :
a small two seater plane dipping and diving and weaving across
the landscape right next to the road. we pulled over, standing 
by the side of the field as the plane raced down, swung under the 
power lines, skimmed the ground, and then powered back up 
in the air and swung around to do it again. so incredible!

as we stood watching, we noticed a camera-man filming it all, and as he 
moved around the field capturing the angles of the dives, we asked him what it 
was for. it turns out they were making a documentary film on airplanes and 
farm life, and this was one 'take'. it was such fun to be able to witness it!

the pilot seemed to be enjoying himself so much :)

i've been taking most days of this november challenge, but they've been mainly 
phone photos uploaded straight to instagram. i've pulled together a few here:
1: {day 3}breakfast - 2: {day 7} reflection
3: {day 8} something i do each day - 4: {13} where i slept

some quick random snaps of our november days
1: restful spots on a sick day 2: flower sorting at the sink
3: ready to head off for the reunion 4: reading & quietness

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  1. That must have been so neat to witness! I hope I can ride in a plane someday... :) Lovely photos.


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