Thursday, 1 November 2012

'whatever you please' :)

day 31 of the october photo a day challenge was 'whatever you please' 
i've claimed that as my own, and decided that for me, that also included
the days in october i missed.. ;) so here below are some photos which 
weren't part of the challenge but were part of life lately

loving : loving : loving! : all the fresh flowers in the garden

watching a movie { october baby} with joel and beth :)

having photo shoots with little sister among the flowers  

fresh new blackberry and honeysuckle buds 

a fragile but beautiful wild poppy

discovering a new quirky cafe in town with friends

enjoying morning tea out for grace's birthday 

i love this quote! 

the beautiful birthday girl!

baby malachi enjoying the warm afternoon outside

special drinks for a birthday bbq dinner

enthusiastic nephews helping grace blow out her birthday candles :)

november is lining up busy. like really. really. busy.
after looking at the photo a day challenge outline, and seeing some topics i've 
already done, i thought i would say right off that i won't be strictly following 
it this month, but randomly posting the ones i do get around to taking, 
and also adding extra un-topic related photos :) and with some happy 
and exciting happenings - think big family get-togethers, a holiday to 
the coast, visits with friends, a week long photography course, friends 
engagement party, & much more! i'm sure there will be plenty of photo posts. :)

i hope you enjoy your november, and many thanks again for 
all the comments you leave - they really are delightful to receive! :)


  1. Beautiful photos Abbie! I love especially love the pic with M. and his little feet reaching for the sky :-).
    Is "October Baby" a good movie?

    1. Thanks Jessica! Yes, we did enjoy 'October Baby' - though it was sad, it also had a good, Christian message. I think you would enjoy it! :)

  2. Lovely photos! I especially like the one of Grace on her own. Gorgeous. And wow, your November IS a bit crazy!! The end of the year will be upon us so soon.

  3. Delightful photos! And what a fun cafe! I laughed when I read the quote - classic!


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