Friday, 28 December 2012

tasty bread recipe …

i posted this photo of a loaf of fresh cheese and herb pull-apart bread on instagram
today and there was two recipe request for it … as it's a bit hard to post a recipe on instagram,
i thought i would post it here. this bread is such a simple yet yummy recipe to make! the smell
which floats through the house as it cooks, makes it very hard not to cut a slice to eat as soon
as it's out of the oven ;). i found the recipe in Janelle Bloom's 'Family Food & Weekend Feast'
cookery book, and modified it slightly to make it more 'us' :) instead of fetta cheese, we
use normal grated chedder, and i generally add rosemary and thyme herbs instead of the
basil they recommended. happy cooking!

Cheese and Herb Pull – Apart Bread 
3½ cups self-raising flour
40g grated parmesan cheese
300ml thickened cream
1 cup milk
2 tbsp olive oil
200g grated cheese (or feta, crumbled)
Basil, or herbs of your choice (I used Rosemary, Thyme and a dash of mixed herbs)
Salt Flakes
Sesame Seeds

Preheat the oven to 220 C, fan forced. Lightly grease a loaf tin and line the base with greaseproof paper.

Combine the flour and parmesan in a large bowl. Add the cream, milk and 1 tbsp of the oil and stir with a knife to form a soft dough – adding more milk if necessary. Turn onto a lightly floured surface and knead gently until the dough comes together.

Combine the herbs and cheese in a bowl. Divide the dough into 7-8 even portions. Roll each portion into a rectangle shape. Spread the cheese mixture evenly down the middle. Roll up each rectangle, starting from the short edge, to enclose the filling. Cut in half and place side by side in the pan, cut side down, and if necessary, place a second layer on top also.

Brush the top of the loaf with the remaining oil and sprinkle with the salt and sesame seeds. Bake for 35-40 minutes, or until golden and baked through. Lovely served still warm from the oven and spread with butter.

Friday, 21 December 2012

this week ...

this week was busy and full. among the many normal hours of each day though, 
were small things that stood out or spoke to me. i've photographed some of them, 
and hope you'll enjoy a glimpse of my week, in little ways. :)

: flower-buds on the japanese lantern tree :

: i met up with a friend for coffee one morning, at a cute
cafe nearby, and loved the way they filled old tin cans with
bunches of herbs from the cottage garden behind the shop :

: simplicity :

: my littlest sister Mercy, reading :

: sunlight on the flower-buds :

: encouraging articles in Leslie Ludy's online magazine :

: the sunset at the end of a long, warm summer day :

: fresh hydrangeas in small glass bottles :

: spare bedrooms prepared for my sister and her family's
arrival - tonight!- for our family get-together. :

: one not so nice happening this week was the death of my small lens ... yes, dead, quite dead. i've been noticing it's decline for awhile now, and had hoped it would recover, but it wasn't to be. because it was one of the cheaper lens, i don't think i'll try to get it fixed, but instead wait awhile, save awhile ;), and then buy another lens. i'm so thankful though for the extra longer lens i have - though it does mean stepping right back from the subject as it starts at 55mm. it's certainly caused me to attempt some strange ways of taking a photo - including standing on the top rung of the step-ladder {i warn you - don't try it!} and receiving some stares from other people in coffee shops ;), but we do anything for a good photo right?! i thought i'd mention it so you'll also realise why there is a lack of good quality in the photos being displayed here - i was {and will continue to be} a bit handicapped! 

we're looking forward to some lovely family days coming up, with both married sisters and their families coming around … hopefully also some photos too! :)

 hope you all have a blessed weekend!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

little things

Lately I’ve been dwelling on small things, thinking and pondering on how often I tend to overlook them in my search for something better and bigger and more exciting. Yet when I look back over my childhood, and see where I am now, the small often insignificant things were the defining, life building areas of my life.

: photography with my dad, and the artistic photos he would take: quiet Sunday afternoons with my parents drinking coffee from cups and saucers while listening to classic music : books always surrounding me and the excitement of trips to old bookstores, gathering piles of vintage books : long walks through fields and pathways : acorns and pinecones and nuts gathered each autumn and displayed through the house : plant pots tucked away on top of bookcases and flowers in vases always on the table : candles flickering on the dinner table each night :

when I look back at these life moments I can see just what a large part they have been in making me me.  The photos I love to see and take : the flowers and plants which I couldn’t imagine living without : the books spilling off my bookcase and piled in boxes under the bed : the quiet afternoons I love on the Sabbath reading and at peace : seeing beauty in nature and the joy of walking … all these are just part of who I am and where I am because of the little things in my life.

It’s caused me to stop and think though about how I’m viewing the small things right now in my life. How I should be appreciating and loving this season – no matter how long or short it will be. Days flew by so fast and I get so caught up in the life, without really living.  I’m praying that I will be aware of the small moments, the little things that are so often glimpses of God and His love to us. I’m hoping that as I do, I can also photograph them and share them with you.

‘Life is rich’ my Oma told me the other day. And it's amazing how many small things make it so! 

Monday, 10 December 2012

our mini holiday...

a week before i attended the photography course our family had a quick break 
down the coast. it was such a refreshing time away, and though a number of the 
days were stormy and cool, it was lovely to just be cosy and quiet indoors. 

i thought i'd share a few photos … but beware! these were 
taken before the course, so many of them aren't 'photo correct' :) 

: my oma was able to join us down there and it was so nice to have her along! :

: there were many walks along the sand :

: windswept, fresh-faced photos on the beach :
: beautiful outlooks : 

: views to gaze at :

: paths to walk and rocks to climb :

: so many incredible trees :

:times of quiet and peace :

: and a quick group photo before we left :

Monday, 3 December 2012

inspiring images photography course

hello all! november was a very busy month for us, but the busiest, biggest week for me was the one just past. i attended a week long photography course in melbourne victoria, and what a week it was! we had 5 days of many sessions, four field-trips for photo-shoots, many topics & areas to cover, photo critiquing at night, and competitions for the best photos. i learnt so much more about photography and also learnt just how much i need to continue to learn! from all the photos i took during the course, not many were actually that great, but i'm slowly learning why that is the case, and I hope that i can now go forward and refine my photography so much more! i've added quite a few photos below and hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse of my week away ...

bethany r. and morgan h. were two close friends who traveled with and 
attended the course with me … it was so much fun doing it with them! 

the first day was spent in the classroom in the morning, and outside during the afternoon. this afternoon was the hardest time of the whole course for me - think : 40 photo limit : 4 photo assignments : no deletion & 1 hour to do it all in. i ended up only taking 12 photos, i fell through a bench {don't even ask!}, and the photos i did take i wasn't very happy with! but the scenery was amazing, and i managed to find this little path to take for the 'leading lines' topic.  

we spent many hours in the class-room learning about 
cameras, iso, aperture, composition, f/ stops, and much much more.
{photo by morgan}

we went out the second afternoon to an old railway station, perching on large mounds
of gravel, and crouching on railway tracks trying to achieve more photo assignments - 
this was one i took of the old tracks.

i was thrilled to win the photo competition for that day 
with this photo of an 'old' railway carriage door. :)

jacinda and i trying to achieve a slow shutter water photo 
{photo by morgan}

photo critiquing time in the evening around three computers
{photo by morgan}

on the wednesday we drove to an old farmstead museum - it was such a 
pretty setting with so many photo opportunities!

an old one roomed cottage with cute chairs

 posing for a photo which required 'catch-lights' in the eyes -
those reflectors were so bright! 
{photo by morgan}

'repetition' was one of the topics we had to capture that day, 
and these old suitcases were just the thing! 

beautiful old cutlery 

simple furnishings and bright windows 

i love the colourings of this door and frame!

we were blessed to be provided with lodging & meals for the week at the 
actual course place, and it was lovely to meet some new friends and catch up with others we knew! 
{photo by morgan}

on thursday we did an all-day field-trip to phillip island. not only was it the longest trip {2 hours}, it was also the day when the car i was driving broke down three times, the temperature reached well over 30 degrees, we had the largest amount of assignments, and we explored three different places. we were all exhausted by the end, but it was also so much fun! 
{photo by morgan}

black & white photography was one of our themes for the day

morgan taking photos on the pier

we explored church-hill island with its many wonderful old buildings and farmland

sweet kelsie and i 

the nobbies on phillip island

new and old friends : judith, eunice, myself, caitlin, and morgan 
{photo by jacinda}

it was such a beautiful spot!
my photos there weren't the best, but I had to include one of the view :)

our excellent teacher daniel & his two wonderful assistants eloise and kylie,
 with the thank you notes we wrote for them

end of the course group photo :)
they were all such wonderful, fun people to learn with! 

i feel very blessed to have been able to attend the course, and thank the Lord for a happy week, traveling mercies, and the opportunity to learn so much more about photography!