Monday, 3 December 2012

inspiring images photography course

hello all! november was a very busy month for us, but the busiest, biggest week for me was the one just past. i attended a week long photography course in melbourne victoria, and what a week it was! we had 5 days of many sessions, four field-trips for photo-shoots, many topics & areas to cover, photo critiquing at night, and competitions for the best photos. i learnt so much more about photography and also learnt just how much i need to continue to learn! from all the photos i took during the course, not many were actually that great, but i'm slowly learning why that is the case, and I hope that i can now go forward and refine my photography so much more! i've added quite a few photos below and hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse of my week away ...

bethany r. and morgan h. were two close friends who traveled with and 
attended the course with me … it was so much fun doing it with them! 

the first day was spent in the classroom in the morning, and outside during the afternoon. this afternoon was the hardest time of the whole course for me - think : 40 photo limit : 4 photo assignments : no deletion & 1 hour to do it all in. i ended up only taking 12 photos, i fell through a bench {don't even ask!}, and the photos i did take i wasn't very happy with! but the scenery was amazing, and i managed to find this little path to take for the 'leading lines' topic.  

we spent many hours in the class-room learning about 
cameras, iso, aperture, composition, f/ stops, and much much more.
{photo by morgan}

we went out the second afternoon to an old railway station, perching on large mounds
of gravel, and crouching on railway tracks trying to achieve more photo assignments - 
this was one i took of the old tracks.

i was thrilled to win the photo competition for that day 
with this photo of an 'old' railway carriage door. :)

jacinda and i trying to achieve a slow shutter water photo 
{photo by morgan}

photo critiquing time in the evening around three computers
{photo by morgan}

on the wednesday we drove to an old farmstead museum - it was such a 
pretty setting with so many photo opportunities!

an old one roomed cottage with cute chairs

 posing for a photo which required 'catch-lights' in the eyes -
those reflectors were so bright! 
{photo by morgan}

'repetition' was one of the topics we had to capture that day, 
and these old suitcases were just the thing! 

beautiful old cutlery 

simple furnishings and bright windows 

i love the colourings of this door and frame!

we were blessed to be provided with lodging & meals for the week at the 
actual course place, and it was lovely to meet some new friends and catch up with others we knew! 
{photo by morgan}

on thursday we did an all-day field-trip to phillip island. not only was it the longest trip {2 hours}, it was also the day when the car i was driving broke down three times, the temperature reached well over 30 degrees, we had the largest amount of assignments, and we explored three different places. we were all exhausted by the end, but it was also so much fun! 
{photo by morgan}

black & white photography was one of our themes for the day

morgan taking photos on the pier

we explored church-hill island with its many wonderful old buildings and farmland

sweet kelsie and i 

the nobbies on phillip island

new and old friends : judith, eunice, myself, caitlin, and morgan 
{photo by jacinda}

it was such a beautiful spot!
my photos there weren't the best, but I had to include one of the view :)

our excellent teacher daniel & his two wonderful assistants eloise and kylie,
 with the thank you notes we wrote for them

end of the course group photo :)
they were all such wonderful, fun people to learn with! 

i feel very blessed to have been able to attend the course, and thank the Lord for a happy week, traveling mercies, and the opportunity to learn so much more about photography!


  1. Lovely lovely! Thanks for telling us about your adventures.. though I must say I would have liked to know you were in Melbourne and popped down for a little hello ;). Next time maybe!

    Looks like you had a wonderful bunch of girls to experiment photography with too!

    1. I would have loved to catch up with you also … and did actually look at the map and see just how far it would be to meet up, but it was well over two hours from your place, and it was such an intensive course that by the end of each day we were all so tired! Will definitely let you know though if I ever pass your way - it would be lovely to catch up in person! :) Have a lovely day! xx

  2. Awesome post Abbie! It was such an fantastic week and it was such a pleasure to meet and get to know you more! Hope you had a good trip home. :-) Love all the photos... filled with so many awesome memories!! :)

    Blessings, <3 Kelsie-Anne

  3. All I can say is,

    fun, fun, fun!!

  4. Sounds busy and fun! Glad you got back safely x

  5. Beautiful photos, as always!! Glad you enjoyed your time away. xo

  6. Abbie, you captured the essence of the week so well! I loved doing it with you! :)

    x Morgan

  7. Your best post yet! 8D I LOVE EVERY single photo! ^_^ <3 It looks like SO MUCH FUN! I absolutely LOVE the last photo! So funny! xD
    God bless,
    Love Emma.

  8. Just beautiful dear Abbie! The Lord has blessed you with such a wonderful gift and creative eye. What delightful photographic opportunities - especially the old farmstead. So glad you had such a wonderful and informative time - makes the exhaustion worth it! :-) Much love from us all xo

  9. Lovely photos Abbie! Great to hear how much you enjoyed it and what a great group to share and learn with!

  10. That must have been great fun, Abbie :)
    Your photos are great. Photography is a great hobby.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures and photography with us :)
    God bless,

  11. Abbie! What an absolute pleasure to spend the week with you at the photography course - love your photos, you've definitely got an eye for photography! So blessed to be able to watch all of you grow in your God-given talents. :-)

  12. Than you all so much for your lovely comments - they were so nice to receive and read! :) xx


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