Saturday, 15 December 2012

little things

Lately I’ve been dwelling on small things, thinking and pondering on how often I tend to overlook them in my search for something better and bigger and more exciting. Yet when I look back over my childhood, and see where I am now, the small often insignificant things were the defining, life building areas of my life.

: photography with my dad, and the artistic photos he would take: quiet Sunday afternoons with my parents drinking coffee from cups and saucers while listening to classic music : books always surrounding me and the excitement of trips to old bookstores, gathering piles of vintage books : long walks through fields and pathways : acorns and pinecones and nuts gathered each autumn and displayed through the house : plant pots tucked away on top of bookcases and flowers in vases always on the table : candles flickering on the dinner table each night :

when I look back at these life moments I can see just what a large part they have been in making me me.  The photos I love to see and take : the flowers and plants which I couldn’t imagine living without : the books spilling off my bookcase and piled in boxes under the bed : the quiet afternoons I love on the Sabbath reading and at peace : seeing beauty in nature and the joy of walking … all these are just part of who I am and where I am because of the little things in my life.

It’s caused me to stop and think though about how I’m viewing the small things right now in my life. How I should be appreciating and loving this season – no matter how long or short it will be. Days flew by so fast and I get so caught up in the life, without really living.  I’m praying that I will be aware of the small moments, the little things that are so often glimpses of God and His love to us. I’m hoping that as I do, I can also photograph them and share them with you.

‘Life is rich’ my Oma told me the other day. And it's amazing how many small things make it so! 


  1. So very true! Thank you for sharing what is on your heart. :-)


  2. Such an inspiring post! And you're right - some of my favourite memories are of 'small moments'! Oh and I love the photos, especially the first one. xox

  3. That's so true Abbie - just the other day, I was out in the garden and looked up to discover two owls just sitting there staring at me - it was only a 'small' thing, but just brought so much delight! Thank you for the reminder to cherish those small things! xo

    1. Two little owls!! So cute! :) What a lovely thing to see! Thank you so much for your comment! x

  4. Lovely thoughts and I adore the first photo! x


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