Monday, 10 December 2012

our mini holiday...

a week before i attended the photography course our family had a quick break 
down the coast. it was such a refreshing time away, and though a number of the 
days were stormy and cool, it was lovely to just be cosy and quiet indoors. 

i thought i'd share a few photos … but beware! these were 
taken before the course, so many of them aren't 'photo correct' :) 

: my oma was able to join us down there and it was so nice to have her along! :

: there were many walks along the sand :

: windswept, fresh-faced photos on the beach :
: beautiful outlooks : 

: views to gaze at :

: paths to walk and rocks to climb :

: so many incredible trees :

:times of quiet and peace :

: and a quick group photo before we left :


  1. What a beautiful spot for a mini holiday - so glad you had a lovely time away! Your photos are wonderful and look pretty 'photo correct' to me! ;-) Much love xo

  2. It probably feels like ages ago already, but it looks like you had a lovely holiday! x


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