Friday, 21 December 2012

this week ...

this week was busy and full. among the many normal hours of each day though, 
were small things that stood out or spoke to me. i've photographed some of them, 
and hope you'll enjoy a glimpse of my week, in little ways. :)

: flower-buds on the japanese lantern tree :

: i met up with a friend for coffee one morning, at a cute
cafe nearby, and loved the way they filled old tin cans with
bunches of herbs from the cottage garden behind the shop :

: simplicity :

: my littlest sister Mercy, reading :

: sunlight on the flower-buds :

: encouraging articles in Leslie Ludy's online magazine :

: the sunset at the end of a long, warm summer day :

: fresh hydrangeas in small glass bottles :

: spare bedrooms prepared for my sister and her family's
arrival - tonight!- for our family get-together. :

: one not so nice happening this week was the death of my small lens ... yes, dead, quite dead. i've been noticing it's decline for awhile now, and had hoped it would recover, but it wasn't to be. because it was one of the cheaper lens, i don't think i'll try to get it fixed, but instead wait awhile, save awhile ;), and then buy another lens. i'm so thankful though for the extra longer lens i have - though it does mean stepping right back from the subject as it starts at 55mm. it's certainly caused me to attempt some strange ways of taking a photo - including standing on the top rung of the step-ladder {i warn you - don't try it!} and receiving some stares from other people in coffee shops ;), but we do anything for a good photo right?! i thought i'd mention it so you'll also realise why there is a lack of good quality in the photos being displayed here - i was {and will continue to be} a bit handicapped! 

we're looking forward to some lovely family days coming up, with both married sisters and their families coming around … hopefully also some photos too! :)

 hope you all have a blessed weekend!


  1. What a beautiful glimpse of your week! :-) Love all the photos Abbie! And hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!

    God Bless,

  2. Love the photos as always! Very exciting that your whole family will be together soon. P.s. Love the spare room :). They are so much fun to prepare :).

  3. Gorgeous photos! You make photography a true work of art; I love to view your new displays. Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet comments Kelsie, Hannah and Chloe! xx


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