Wednesday, 30 January 2013

challenging words...

is able
to make all grace
abound toward you:
that ye always having all
in all things
may abound
in every good work.”
{2 Cor. 9:8}

‘whatever we are, high or lowly, learned or unlearned, married or single,
in a full house or alone, charged with many affairs or dwelling in quietness,
we have our daily round of work, our duties of affection, obedience, love,
mercy, industry, and the like; and that which makes one man to differ
from another is not so much what he thinks he does,
as the manner of doing them.
{A Manning}


  1. Abbie, that was just what I needed to hear today. Thank you, dear friend! And I love the freshness of the white and green in those photos!

    Sending much love,
    Morgan x

  2. Very True.

    How I have applied that scripture is in two ways. One it its literal words, which has meant working on the things God does lead in.
    But also in its inverse.
    Basically, if God isnt leading or guiding in a particular way or area, then it isnt yet His will or time for that thing. So what He doesnt provide and lead in, is due to his grace also. This has meant greater trust and more earnest prayer and deeper thinking.
    Sometimes the prayers He doesnt answer are an answer in themselves.


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