Monday, 7 January 2013

life lately..

 life lately has been busy. here is what we've been doing…

: we've stood barefoot on hot summer grass :

: we've walked and talked in parks :

: we've played many games :

: we've had special meals together :

: we've cuddled sleepy babies :

: we've taken maternity photos :

: we've stood under shady trees :

: we've {not often} sat still : 

we've the boys have cooked dinner outside :

: we've chatted and talked and laughed and {some of us} cried :

: we've collected leaves and buds and seeds :

: it's been a lovely family time! :


  1. What beautiful photo's Abbie!!
    How blessed times are when spent with family! :D
    Love and blessings to you! xox

  2. So many amazing family moments!! I love the photo of you with the sleeping baby. You're quite the beauty :). x

  3. Nice to see your pictures, Abbie. Family times are so wonderful and fun. :)

  4. I looked here the other day as I hadn't seen it for awhile, and guess what happened? I had lunch about 2 hours late … just so much fun seeing all the photos!
    Love Oma xoxo


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