Tuesday, 1 January 2013

year 2012 in review ...

The door has opened to another year and with it comes all the thoughts and anticipating of what the next twelve months will hold. I love this time of year, when you can pause and look back, dwelling on the days and months just past, and searching through all the events and happenings that have been. We sat around last night as a family, chatting and sharing, reading and praying together as we waiting for 2013 to come. It was precious to spend the time together, to remember and talk over our year - so many happy memories and wonderful times. So many instances of God’s goodness and love to us, of His never-ending care and protection. 

i thought i'd share some of those moments and memories with you … 12 points in no particular order or routine. i'd love to hear what some of the special moments were for you this past year! :)

1. family:  always there, always so supportive and loving. I’m thankful for you all! My Mum and I celebrated a joint 50th/25th birthday party early in Feb, and it was such a wonderful evening with so many family and friends traveling from near and far to be there with us. 

2. health: so thankful for reasonably good health this year after a few hard years … also thankful for the Lord's protection and care for our whole family.

3. photography : this was the year I studied and did more with photography – attending two day courses and the week long one : I continued to take many photos (and nearly crashed our computer hard drive with the amount of photos I had there!) : I had a month's trial of Lightroom and loved it : and the year I also started this photography blog! :)

4. holidays: we've been blessed to go away a few times this year as a family - to the ocean, to a country farm-house with both married sisters & their families, and also a reunion weekend with Mum's side of the family. such special, refreshing times!

5. celebrations: kitchen teas : engagement parties : weddings : baby showers : birthday parties. it was lovely to attend and celebrate with many friends who were going through new and special seasons in their life! at one kitchen tea, I was a {mock} bride! ;) – and my many bridesmaids did a great job creating my dress …out of toilet paper no less!

6. books: i've continued to love reading … though with busy days and travels i haven't been able to read all the books on my book list! 

7. blogging: i began this blog earlier this year, and though initially started to follow the photo prompts for each month, it's now grown to be more of a photography/personal blog also. i've really enjoyed the opportunity to think more about different aspects of a photo, and really love all the comments you leave - thank you so much! :) 

8. nephews: Malachi’s birth this year caused my nephew count to rise to six. I’m amazed so much at the bond there is with these nephews of mine and I love that I’m able to experience so much of their life with them!

9. friends: so thankful for the many sweet times of fellowship and fun with friends and families! especially thankful for the prayers and encouragement you give me! also grateful to be able to meet so many new friends this year!

10. baking & cooking: i've enjoyed borrowing many cook books from our library and trying out some new and yummy recipes. i also love the meal time preparations and the special times we have over dinner as a family.

11. travel : altogether I spent 10 weeks away from home this year – there were times I barely came home from one trip when I had to pack up for another! I visited three states and three major cities, I traveled by car, coach, train and ferry (so wanted the plane ride thrown in too, but alas! it didn’t happen…maybe this year?!), I met new friends and caught up with old ones, and loved seeing so much of the beautiful country I live in!
While away one time, my sister Grace and I were quite unexpectedly able to attend a talk by Nick Vujicic – what a powerful testimony he has for the Lord! It was an amazing reminder that I have really no cause for complaint – how blessed I am!

12. the Lord: I feel so overwhelmingly blessed when I look over journals and times this year and see how through the sunny and the joys, through the lows and the hardships, the Lord has stood by and strengthened me, has been there, and has taught and shown me so much of His love. The one verse that I held onto much this year was Psalm 27:14: "Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart, wait, I say, on the Lord."

: our group family photo 2012 - many thanks to our friend David for taking it! :

Happy New Year! 


  1. What a beautiful, beautiful post! A lovely recap of a fabulous year. Looking forward to all the 'picture-perfect' things 2013 will bring you. God bless you and your gorgeous family. xx

    1. Thanks so much Hannah! God's blessings to you also! x

  2. 'Twas lovely reading your review of 2012.

    I especially like the picture of the "toilet paper bride." :D Would never have guessed. Never would of thought such humble toilet paper could do such lovely things! lol :D

    One of the best highlights of my year was meeting you Abbie, at the photography course. :D

    1. Aaw thanks Sarah! It was a delight to meet you also and so lovely to get to know you! :) x

  3. What a beautiful post! :)

    May God richly bless you, Abbie as you continue to serve our God! :)
    Much love to you xox

    1. Many thanks Emily for your comment! Love to you also x

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Loved all your photos!


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