Monday, 25 February 2013

tea with me {#2}...and baby news!

If you were to have tea {and home-made chocolate cheesecake!} with me this week, you would be joining me at my sister's home. Here as chief aunty in charge, my role has been to help out, lend a hand and most importantly, babysit when the newest little member of their family arrived. And today, if you came around, you would actually meet him, because.… yes ! Baby Hugh Frederick has come, and we are all very much in love. :)

As I lead you through to the kitchen where the kettle is already singing merrily on the stove-top, most of my conversation would be full of this newest nephew of mine. As the tea-leaves are measured into the teapot, and the mugs brought out of the cupboard we would laugh over that fact that I have another nephew – and still no nieces! I would share how blessed and special it was to meet him the first time, when he was just 5 hours old, and how sitting in the hospital room, just with my sister and Hugh, I was able to hold him long and quietly – studying his cute features, tracing family resemblances of both sides in the little nose, the pointy chin and the tightly closed eyes. I would lead you to the lounge, where he's sleeping peacefully in the rocker, and offer you a cuddle. Jemima would probably be resting in her room, as we sit and chat, but the three older brothers would be close nearby, eager to have a hold too.

As we spend this time together, I would chat about how blessed I feel to be here at this time. With my youngest sister now nearly 11 years old, we haven't had a newborn in our home for many years.
It's so special to spend so much time with such a precious little one! Hugh has been such a peaceful, content baby, and every day we see him developing more and more. I head home later this week, and I'm so treasuring these days of cuddles!

As our visit draws to a close, we snap a quick photo of you and the baby – joining the many others I've been taking over these past few days. :) It's been so nice to visit with you!
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Saturday, 16 February 2013

life in photos ...

i've been here at my sister's home since wednesday...
and we are all still waiting for baby to arrive :)
while we do so, and while life continues
i've snapped some photos of our days,
and thought i would share them with you...
it's hard to get a photo with all three nephews together -
they move so fast and are always on the go!
but they all love reading, and you'll often find them like so.
breakfast is a daily routine, and lunch and dinner too!
cooking and baking for growing boys is a vital part of living here :)
rest times are a regular break in the day,
even if the little one finds it hard to sleep :)
the expecant mother...
any day now! :)
hens live behind this fence, or rather, are supposed to live there -
when they're not pecking round the garden!
reading is fun, but reading with dad is much, much, better -
especially on the floor!
the weather has been lovely - the cooler evenings making
picnic dinners outside a lovely possiblity.
being an aunty to these boys is such fun!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

life lately ...

life lately has been busy … 
back to lessons for the younger sisters, and study for grace and i, 
two weddings already this year, and also an engagement party, 
visits from friends, and trips to others, 
picnics, walks, quiet moments among the normal busyness of life …

last saturday my cousin elyse married her love, in a beautiful wedding ceremony. 
it was so lovely to witness their union, and see the commitment they made to each other and the Lord.

tomorrow i head away for an indefinite time to my sister's home, 
as they await baby four …
i'm looking forward to days of family life with them, 
of play times with the nephews, 
of chats with the sister and brother-in-law,
of most excitedly welcoming the baby when it comes! 
and of course, snapping photos, which i hope to share as time permits… :)

what has been filling your days lately? 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

tea with me...

If you were to have tea with me today, you’d most probably have it with my sisters too. Living here at home, as an older single daughter, has its many blessings. And today, you would share in that too! The folding may be resting on the corner of the couch, the dishes left drying in the rack, but the kettle would be on, and just possibly there may be some scones!

And yet tea with me this week would involve quiet moments. Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to say when you feel so inadequate yourself. Days flash by with their daily tasks, and crammed in are moments of failure, of regret, of tears and pain. These are the moments not many see or find. The moments we all try so hard to tuck away and forget, to disguise and wash over. Who wants to be seen when you are falling apart? And yet, these are the moments everyone has. And everyone hides. Its hard to be real, when you and i are faking. We both know it, we both feel it. And we both find it hard to overcome. This unveiling, this vulnerability doesn’t come easy. its hard to not revert back to the superficial. And yet…what freedom there is when we share…really share. When we do open up and find, that you and I struggle and fight with the same battles. The hasty impatience reply to a sister, the quickness to justify oneself, the pride that so easily comes with each thing we do. It’s easy to then slip the other way – to be discouraged and weary. To wonder if its just me, if this walkway is shared with anyone else. And then, in the quietness, in the time spent with the Lord and his Word, comes the answers. Not all at once, not always what I want. And yet, always so right. And so, if you were to have tea with me this week, I would share with you of the struggles, and yet also the answers. The hope that comes with the forgiveness of sins, the joy that comes in the morning, and the love that nothing here on earth can compare with.

‘Having therefore these promises,
dearly beloved,
let us cleanse ourselves
from  all
filthiness of the flesh and spirit,
perfecting holiness
in the fear of God.’
{2 Cor. 7:1}

{tea with me is a link up with Em at teacups too – a fortnightly ‘tea’ post.}