Saturday, 16 February 2013

life in photos ...

i've been here at my sister's home since wednesday...
and we are all still waiting for baby to arrive :)
while we do so, and while life continues
i've snapped some photos of our days,
and thought i would share them with you...
it's hard to get a photo with all three nephews together -
they move so fast and are always on the go!
but they all love reading, and you'll often find them like so.
breakfast is a daily routine, and lunch and dinner too!
cooking and baking for growing boys is a vital part of living here :)
rest times are a regular break in the day,
even if the little one finds it hard to sleep :)
the expecant mother...
any day now! :)
hens live behind this fence, or rather, are supposed to live there -
when they're not pecking round the garden!
reading is fun, but reading with dad is much, much, better -
especially on the floor!
the weather has been lovely - the cooler evenings making
picnic dinners outside a lovely possiblity.
being an aunty to these boys is such fun!


  1. Loved these photos and this post! Can't wait to see these people again too and their newest edition {when here}! Lots of love xo

  2. This looks fun! So much time to enjoy your nephews and to have nice grown up chats in the evenings :)


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