Tuesday, 12 February 2013

life lately ...

life lately has been busy … 
back to lessons for the younger sisters, and study for grace and i, 
two weddings already this year, and also an engagement party, 
visits from friends, and trips to others, 
picnics, walks, quiet moments among the normal busyness of life …

last saturday my cousin elyse married her love, in a beautiful wedding ceremony. 
it was so lovely to witness their union, and see the commitment they made to each other and the Lord.

tomorrow i head away for an indefinite time to my sister's home, 
as they await baby four …
i'm looking forward to days of family life with them, 
of play times with the nephews, 
of chats with the sister and brother-in-law,
of most excitedly welcoming the baby when it comes! 
and of course, snapping photos, which i hope to share as time permits… :)

what has been filling your days lately? 


  1. Hi Abbie!

    Beautiful photos as usual - the one of the cottage is gorgeous! Lovely to see pictures of your cousin's wedding as well :)

    I hope you have a wonderful time with Bede & Jemima - such an exciting time waiting for a new little nephew or niece!:)

    Love to you all,

  2. Sound lovely Abbie

    Work, study and writing fills my time.
    I hope to get a break in a month or so.
    But I get my quiet time in the mornings.
    Its 5.30 am, Ive been up a half hour and its so still and quiet.
    Just the neighbors rooster crowing and some distant trucks on the Hwy.
    Plenty of time to think and ponder.
    Once Ive done that, then I am ready to pray.
    I had to learn this, I had to learn that prayer worked better this way.
    I have to be clear in what my mind is before I kneel.
    Else where am I in the picture that is my life.
    Then God can confirm or alter my position as He wills.

  3. Lovely photo's and how very exciting and precious awaiting the birth of a new little life. xxx

  4. Beautiful, beautiful photo's dear Abbie!

    My prayers are with Bede and Jemima,and indeed you all, as you await this precious little blessing! May the Lord be with you, and encourage your hearts!

    Love to you xoxo


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