Thursday, 7 March 2013

a photo post ...

Sitting in a small railway station cafe in a country town. Waiting for the connecting train to come
and take me home. The hard goodbyes were said this morning and i've spent the rest of the day travelling by coach, rolling over many miles of road, passing varying degrees of scenery -
large fields of emptiness, long stretches of orchards or vineyards, scrubby bushland, and many country towns. As I sat and watched the fences slip and glide past, it made the distance feel so
far apart from my family's home and my sister's...
{ beautiful birthday flowers from my sister }

As I packed up and organised my baggage yesterday I also went through my photos which were still on my camera, and thought I would share a few from my last few days at my sister's home. :)

Jemima took me {and Hugh!} out for a late brunch on my was delicous!
a big thank you all for the lovely birthday greetings you left on the post my Mum put up -
they were so lovely to receive! i had a very special day!
{the yummy lemon tart Jemima made for my birthday 'cake' }
Yesterday, as our final day together, we decided to do a spontaneous photo shoot. My brother in law has set up a 'light box' area in his work shed, to better showcase his work when he photographs them for his business, and I had a lot of fun using it for some 'studio-like' photos. We also took advantage of some rustic backdrops fun photos of the 4 brothers. Let me assure you that photographing 4 little boys can be quite a feat! Little Hugh was the quietest one there. :)
 {the brothers four}
{little hugh slept the whole time!}

{there were many laughs and smiles}

{ the 'new' parents ... for the fourth time!}

{tiny cuteness}

{ a {casual) photo of the whole family}

{this gorgous hat was crocheted by a friend at their church -it was the sweetest thing!}

{these three just love their new brother!}

{don't you love little babies fingers?!}

my sister, baby Hugh and I ... it was so lovely to spend so much time together -
living life with them day by day. i feel very blessed to have been able to stay as
long as i did, and to have those precious first few weeks with Hughie!

{written at the train station ... posted once i arrived home...
it's so lovely to be back with my family again!
three weeks is really quite a time to be apart! :)


  1. Gorgeous photos! Love the studio style shots! Welcome back! Look forward to hopefully catching up soon. :)

  2. aw, such beautiful photos Abbie!! I love the one of Hugh on the two chairs - sooooo cute! :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos Abbie ~ those boys are so adorable! How lovely that you were able to have that special time together! :-) Much love to you xo

  4. Simply beautiful Abbie!!

    You did such a great job at photographing your bright little nephews!

  5. GORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGEOUS PHOTOS!! WOW!! And yes, the studio ones came out so professional. Your family are very blessed to be able to have your free services ;).

    P.S. The birthday brunch photo of you is STUNNING. You're the prettiest piece. x

  6. Such a lovely post and beautiful photos. Love the gumnut baby one! xox

  7. These are such beautiful photos you got of them all Abbie! Love it:) -Janelle


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