Thursday, 21 March 2013

tea with me {#3}

If you were to have tea with me this evening, you’d only just catch me at home. It’s been an unusually busy time and this week is no exception! But it would be lovely to catch up, and I’d be so thankful you could come!

Tonight we would sit in the back room. The last few days have been truly autumn like – with crisp cooler morning, delightfully warm afternoons and glorious sunlight that has lost most of the burning qualities that summer likes to produce. This room here is a favorite one right now – and though sadly tonight you won’t be able to see it, I would tell you of the afternoon light that pours in, and sight of the green trees and bushes just outside the windows. I’d share how I love sitting here with my Bible, in the early mornings in a particular corner of the couch that has the view right out to the sky and tree tops. From here I can watch the rays of the sun slowly inch across the sky, and the grey dawn of another day fade away. But tonight we’d have to be content to watch the flicker of the candlelight on the walls, and I’m sure we’d be too busy catching up to watch the skyline outside anyway, even if we could see it!

As we eat our warm apple pie and custard, I would ask you how you’ve been … and what you’ve been learning … and I’d love to find out what books and verses have been speaking to you. It always amazes me that no
matter how many times I read the Word, new things stand out, and old things become fresh. Lately I’ve
been re-learning through the Proverbs – and three words kept standing out
… understanding … knowledge … wisdom
These three are so tied up with each other and as I highlighted and marked out the examples of wisdom gained and knowledge received it made me yearn for a deeper grasp and growth in these important areas. The so called wisdom of the world is always calling out so loudly to us, trying to drown out the far greater and absolutely truer wisdom of God, and it can be a struggle to keep the two apart! I read this quote from C. S. Lewis at the same time as the Proverbs, and it seemed to bring it all together:
‘They find it all but impossible to believe in the unfamiliar while the familiar is before their eyes.’
 How I pray that I’ll be so looking to God that He is the more familiar instead of the things
that so easily distract me here.

It’s time to head our separate ways, but it’s been so nice to catch up! Grace and I are heading off tomorrow for a long awaited weekend catch up {in real life!} with a special friend, and it’s sure to be a wonderful time! :) I do hope you have a lovely weekend also – any special plans?

{tea with me is a link up with Em at teacups too – a fortnightly ‘tea’ post.}

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