Saturday, 2 March 2013

words and pictures ...

it's Saturday morning here at my sister's home – and i'm listening to little nephews play as I write. 
I really shouldn't be here at all, as I was going to be home by now … but well, plans changed. :) 
when the time came to go, both I, and my sister, found we weren't quite ready to say goodbye, 
so I've stayed on for a while longer! And I must say, the extra time with this family, 
and especially little Hugh is lovely! :)

Hugh is now just over one week old, and already we can see him developing and growing. 
He is such a content little guy – sleeping much and very happy to lie in his 
rocker and observe life around him.

it was so lovely to see all my family when they came for their long-awaited 
visit here this past week. There was much chatting, catching up and time together over the day
and a half they stayed, besides many holds of Hugh. I think he was the most wanted little one here! :)

all the nephews are loving their new little brother –
smothering him {literally at times!} with love and hugs :).

they love nothing more than lying on the lounge with
little Hugh resting on their chest. :)

You really are a real photographer and a writer! You write so much
and you take photos every day! You really are an expert!”
this was my oldest nephew's {word for word} comment to me the other morning, 
as he watched me writing in my journal. it made me smile!
{though I disagree with the 'expert' part!}

while mummy has been resting and having quiet moments, the nephews and I 
have had a few adventures and trips out and about … and on one really hot day, 
ice-creams were in order. :)

holding hugh and taking photos have been happening very frequently 
{though not always at the same time!} 

it's so nice to be here!


  1. How lovely to be able to be flexible and enjoy more time! Have fun! Give little Hugh a squeeze for me :)

  2. Oh Dear Abbie ~ those photos are simply beautiful! Caleb was right ~ they do indeed look pretty 'expert'! Such a lovely post :). Enjoy your bonus extra week out there, and much love & blessings for a very special day on Tuesday! Love from us all xox


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