Saturday, 27 April 2013

life lately … in photos

: life lately has been full of colour, fun times and photos … :

: a few weeks ago bethany and i went on a photo shoot together … our two obliging sisters 
came along also and helped with some 'portrait' photos :) :

: we explored a recently opened arboretum - wandering around the still growing gardens 
and the more established pine forests - it was a lovely place! :

: i loved the softness of these delicate little flowers growing in the nursery :

: bethany and i :

: i recently tried styling a vignette for a photo competition on instagram …
i enjoyed arranging some vintage finds i've collected over the years - and adding some 
last flowers from the garden! :

: it's been so lovely to catch up with many friends through the holidays -
some passing by on their travels and others staying for a night :

: for many years now we've weekly driven past a large farm with a family of deer within one of their fields. 
we love trying to spot them each time we pass, and finally the other day, I actually pulled over and took 
some photos. i love deer - they are such amazing creatures! :

: we had our aunty and cousin come stay with us this week, and we had a lovely visit with them 
which also included a yummy morning tea at a local cafe :) :

: we attended our local Anzac Parade on Thursday - remembering our soldiers :
{and watching in horror as over 10 people {soldiers included!} fainted with the heat!}

: grace has travelled up to our sister's home this week, so it's only us four girls at home - 
it always seems different when even just one of the family is away! :

: this coming Monday i have wisdom tooth surgery happening {which i'm not looking forward too!} 
i'm glad though for this beautiful weather we've been enjoying lately - 
it will help with recovery i'm sure, if the sun is shining! :) :

: what are some things you've been enjoying lately? :

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

tea with me #4

if you had tea with me this week, you could quite possibly be blown in with the wind. Autumn has descended upon us {complete with showers of golden colored leaves} and it's getting cold! As you walk up the driveway, you'll notice the wood all stacked up in preparation for the winter - as yet we've held off lighting the fire, but it won't be long till we do!

It's been a while since we've shared tea - and I'm missed doing so! life has been full of many things lately, and at times words {and writing} are hard to come by. of late, i've felt very 'word-less' - life speeding on with many happy moments, fun things, wonderful events for families and friends ... and sometimes those times, even while i'm thrilling for them, can make it harder for me to focus on the wonderful things God has placed in my life. it's a strange mix to be so happy and yet aching at the same time. last Sunday afternoon, i curled up with a cosy quilt and my Bible and journal ... needing that quiet time to think, to read, to pray. i craved to get past those feelings, those pin-pricks, the quiet but real jealousy and discontent i was having. i was longing for something, and even though i knew where to go for the complete solution, i kept placing obstacles in the way. and yet all the time God was there and I just didn't see Him. nothing, no, nothing can fill and heal those spots expect Him. and so i turned, feeling so insignificant, so sinful, so empty-handed, and He was there. and He was enough. I'm so thankful for the love He freely gives. the grace which is always there. the strength that comes when I turn to Him and stop trying to do it all on my own. for nothing will satisfy - even if all my imaginable dreams came true - except for Him.

"Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation …
God has commanded thy strength : strengthen , O God, that which thou hast wrought for us. "
{Psalm 68: 19,28}
p.s I know this is a brief {and not quite realistic} ‘tea with me’ this time – sorry! 
there will be a photo catch-up post real soon!

{'tea with me' is a link up with Em at teacups too - a fortnightly 'tea' post}

Monday, 1 April 2013

apple picking ...

: autumn days have come upon us, and with the cooler weather also comes crisp ripe apples. 
beth invited us girls along the other day, when she headed out to a nearby dirt road to gather fruit 
from wild apple trees growing beside the road :

: these trees seemed untouched and unused - heavily laden with fruit  
ripe for picking, and on the whole, good to eat :

: we brought a number of baskets along {which the nephews loved carrying around!} 
and we filled over three baskets worth with large green and red apples :

it was such a fun morning, and we've been very much enjoying cooking up and 
having yummy apple desserts which these cooler nights make all the more lovely! 

: what do you enjoy cooking with apples? :