Monday, 1 April 2013

apple picking ...

: autumn days have come upon us, and with the cooler weather also comes crisp ripe apples. 
beth invited us girls along the other day, when she headed out to a nearby dirt road to gather fruit 
from wild apple trees growing beside the road :

: these trees seemed untouched and unused - heavily laden with fruit  
ripe for picking, and on the whole, good to eat :

: we brought a number of baskets along {which the nephews loved carrying around!} 
and we filled over three baskets worth with large green and red apples :

it was such a fun morning, and we've been very much enjoying cooking up and 
having yummy apple desserts which these cooler nights make all the more lovely! 

: what do you enjoy cooking with apples? :


  1. Aw, that's awesome! :)
    I LOVE cooking Apple Crumble! ^_^ Or Anzac Apple Tart! :D

  2. We have been picking apples too!! :) We've made apple pudding, apple soup and dried apples. We are also making lots of apple pies and freezing them. It's fun - apples are awesome. :D You take such lovely photos!

    Esther x

  3. What a beautiful day Abbie! How neat that you were able to find wild apple trees! I wish I could come along! I love apples and especially apple pie! I hope you post some pictures of your apple treats for us to see!

    I am so happy to find you here and have been enjoying your lovely blog. All the pictures and writings have refreshed me so much.

    I would love to come over and have a nice tea with you! Maybe some day the Lord will open that door!

    Many blessings
    ~ Marie


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