Saturday, 27 April 2013

life lately … in photos

: life lately has been full of colour, fun times and photos … :

: a few weeks ago bethany and i went on a photo shoot together … our two obliging sisters 
came along also and helped with some 'portrait' photos :) :

: we explored a recently opened arboretum - wandering around the still growing gardens 
and the more established pine forests - it was a lovely place! :

: i loved the softness of these delicate little flowers growing in the nursery :

: bethany and i :

: i recently tried styling a vignette for a photo competition on instagram …
i enjoyed arranging some vintage finds i've collected over the years - and adding some 
last flowers from the garden! :

: it's been so lovely to catch up with many friends through the holidays -
some passing by on their travels and others staying for a night :

: for many years now we've weekly driven past a large farm with a family of deer within one of their fields. 
we love trying to spot them each time we pass, and finally the other day, I actually pulled over and took 
some photos. i love deer - they are such amazing creatures! :

: we had our aunty and cousin come stay with us this week, and we had a lovely visit with them 
which also included a yummy morning tea at a local cafe :) :

: we attended our local Anzac Parade on Thursday - remembering our soldiers :
{and watching in horror as over 10 people {soldiers included!} fainted with the heat!}

: grace has travelled up to our sister's home this week, so it's only us four girls at home - 
it always seems different when even just one of the family is away! :

: this coming Monday i have wisdom tooth surgery happening {which i'm not looking forward too!} 
i'm glad though for this beautiful weather we've been enjoying lately - 
it will help with recovery i'm sure, if the sun is shining! :) :

: what are some things you've been enjoying lately? :


  1. Beautiful photos, Abbie! I will be praying for you tomorrow :( teeth pulling is not at all fun, poor dear! Hope you have a speedy recovery! :) xo

  2. I enjoyed seeing all your pictures, Abbie. Photographing with you was fun, but I still need to sort through and edit all my pictures! Hope you are enjoying LightRoom :-)


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