Thursday, 2 May 2013

one year blogging ... and instagram info

this month marks my one year blogging anniversary ... how fast that has flown!
i've really enjoyed this year of blogging and more consistent photo -taking
and also all the interactions with you lovely followers! :)
thank you for being part of this adventure with me!
as you know, lately i've been posting more random photos and written posts,
rather than following the photo challenges i begun with.
i've been continuing on with a few though, on my instagram feed,
and danielle suggested i blog about them here so you can know
what i'm doing, and also join in, if you'd like!
1. projectlife365 is the main daily challenge i follow -
each week they release the week's topics and you hash-tag your photo with
their projectlife tag as well as the topic tag. it's been a fun thing to
be part of, and there are some amazing photos that people take!
you can read more at their website here
{some of the photos i've posted for the projectlife topics}
2. 7vignettes is something i joined up for this month -
each new month, for seven days, you create a vignette, or collection
of objects for the topic which is chosen. two judges then select the best for each
day, and also the over all 7 best shots from one person. this is my first time
playing along, and it's been fun to try and arrange a vignette -
 and i'm still learning how! started by jen bishop, you can
read more at her blog here.
{my first vignette yesterday for day 1 - the topic was hanging)
3. fatmumslim is the original challenge that i started with - they still
come around each month, and you can join in any time.
more information can be found at her blog here.
there are also many individual hashtags that you can tag your
photos with - some are for weekly or daily competitions
or others just to be part of that community.
i've been thrilled to be featured a few times in some of
'nothing is ordinary''s features - you can find them @nothingisordinary
as with all things, please use your discretion!
there are many tags that you don't want to use or explore,
but if you're careful what you post and see, there can be
some lovely photos and feeds on instagram!

{some of my random instagram photos - you can find me @abbie_melle}
if you aren't on instagram, but would like to see my photos online,
you can see them if you click on the instagram feed on the right of this page :)


  1. Lovely photos. Do you find you return to a particular colour combo for your photos? They seem to have similar shades, very "you" ;)

    1. Thanks Meaghan! Yes, I tend to do the same editing and filter/s to the photos I use … I guess a theme starts to come through after a while! :) x

  2. I looooooove all your photos! Very ethereal. You take them with your camera and then upload them to instagram don't you? What settings are your camera on to bring out that lovely white light?

    1. Thanks so much Hannah! I'd say half of my Instagram photos are taken on my camera - but I do tend to snap away with my iphone a lot too! I fiddle with the exposure and lighting on both camera/phone and also add a filter too, which helps with the 'white' effect … it's been different editing for a instagram photo compared with a camera photo, but fun too! :) x

  3. I am a little slow finding your blog but wht a lovely surprise. Congratulations on making a year. It's hard to keep the enthusiasm but this is. A lovely blog. Great work and great photos.

  4. I love your instagram feed. SO PRETTY :)

    1. Oh thank you so much Kianna! Lovely to hear from you :)


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