Saturday, 15 June 2013

seasons of life …

autumn has slipped away from us. the colourfully tinted leaves have floated from the trees, and the stark bare branches now stand still in the cold air of winter. autumn was beautiful this year. i'm not sure whether I noticed it more, or if it was just extra special, but these past few weeks of hazy warm days, golden sunlight and the riot of colour everywhere were breathtaking. i longed to hold it still, to soak it all in and to grab the wonderful light with both hands and keep it here. and for a while it seemed like our weather had forgotten all about winter … but just as quickly it remembered.

but there is beauty even now - the grey mornings with the mist bearing down over us for the beginning hours of the day… till it slips away and the pale, weak sunlight breaks through. there is the joy of warm, crackling fires which roar in the grate and fill the home with such wonderful heat. i love the delight in wearing tall boots, and rugging up in scarves and warm clothing. the thankfulness when the winter rains pour down - finally sweeping over the land which so needed it.

each season - each with its own wonders and beauty and differences. i've been dwelling on these times lately - the seasons of year, the seasons of the heart and mind and soul. sometimes it's hard to know exactly what season i'm in … sometimes the longing to step into another season is great. and yet, times do change - slowly, silently, sometimes without my knowledge, and just like that it's gone, and another has begun. i've been so conscious of it … and so thankful for this awareness. it's so easy, when moments arise, or thoughts crop up or things happen, to try and dissect and analyze them, but i'm learning, oh so slowly, to just trust, to enjoy this time, this season, to not wonder {or worry} about the next … because so often i can look back and wish i had enjoyed the times before. and i'm so blessed. blessed with so many things in my life i didn't expect or think would be here, but are. blessed with family. with health. with the ability to read. to think. to be still. blessed by the love the Lord so amazingly showers on me.