Monday, 29 July 2013

hello : hello : hello

i'm feeling a bit shy around here … it's been so long! 
where has all the time gone? 

 my days have been filled with 

study : home life : travel : nephews 
sickness : friends: photography 

and in-between it all

{here is a little photo journal of the last few months}

: we went out to a friends property recently and helped them plant 80 little 
she-oak trees - it was such an enjoyable afternoon! :

: two sisters and i were able to spend a week with these little nephews - 
and their parents - last month, it's always such a treat! :

: winter has been beautiful this year - sun, rain, mist and cold :

: this couple thrilled us all with the news of another little one on the way - 
maybe we'll welcome a niece this time?! :

: winter means fires, and we've been loving ours, and this one at our sister's home :

: even in the cold, picnics can be enjoyable - especially if there are hot mugs of tea : 

: winter also means baking - and especially warm pancakes :) :

: as winter draws to an end, i'm looking forward to spring and new fresh blossoms : 

have a lovely week friends! x


  1. So thrilling to have another post from you! Looks like you've been busy!

  2. So nice to see your update and more of your beautiful photography! Sounds like life is busy for you! I hope the sickness is not current.
    Like you, I've enjoyed winter, but am looking forward to spring and fresh blossoms! :)
    Much love xx

  3. The last two shots are awesome! :) xo

  4. Lovely to hear and see your news.


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