Monday, 14 October 2013



i was so shocked when i logged into blogger  
and saw that I last posted in july … 
where has the time flown? 
i'm sorry for the lack of posts over
these past months but they have been full

full of good things, new experiences, 
travel, lots of study and growth. 
and in between it all, winter merged into glorious spring,
and with it, came the beautiful blossoms and sunshine. 

and with spring too, came
a long-awaited & thought-over purchase … 
a new camera and lenses. 
it. is. amazing. 
i am loving the greater benefits 
and advantages of this better technology
and this time of year is perfect 
for wandering around, snapping photos. 

that's probably where you'd find me 
if you came to see me …
and that's also why this blog has been
so neglected 
but maybe, hopefully, 
i'll be more consistent this month! 

how have you been?
  where would i find you, this time of year?